Bruce Lipton shares his experience with PSYCH K®

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    Watch the interview of Bruce Lipton talking with Martha Vargas about PSYCH-K®

    Thank you for being with us here today. I am delighted to be with you cause you know how much side Kay has created such a wonderful life for me. And that’s why I’ll do anything to go out and help people really learn what you’re teaching about sideK because that’s an empowerment to create the life you want. Yes. And uif you could share just a little bit more about that, how, how is it that psyche, it comes up in your books? Why is it there? Because a lot of people come to us because they’ve read your book and they want to know more of why come to psyche because of your recommendation. There are two levels from biology and from physics. So first I give biology. We used to think genes control our life so that our faith is already determined at the moment we’re born, we have all the genes and whether you’ll have cancer or cardiovascular disease or some problem, they say that genes did this well, my research revealed that was completely false, that our mind, our consciousness controls our genes.

    And then all of a sudden you have to say, well then if it’s consciousness, why am I not creating the world that I want? Or if it’s just thinking why, why do I have to live in so much trouble? But then we find out there’s two levels of consciousness. The conscious mind, which is connected to your spirituality, your personal identity, and our subconscious mind, which is like a program based, like a database. Okay. And the programs that we mainly get in that in that mind subconscious come from the last trimester of pregnancy to age seven. So whatever you observed in the world, your mother, your father, your family, you downloaded their behavior, those are your programs. Well, if their lives are in fact good, then that means your programs are not that good. And it turns out 95% of our life comes from the program, not from the creative, spiritual conscious mind.

    So you have great wishes and great desires, conscious mind, but your life is coming from program. And this is a beautiful part of outside K because Saykay is one of the most effective ways on this planet to change programs. And when you change the programs and write them the way you want them, then you can manifest your wishes and desires, which I know personally because I’ve done that. Okay? So that’s one level. Our biology is controlled by the genes, but the genes are controlled by our consciousness. Okay? But there’s another understanding from physics and physics tells us a very simple fact, and I must emphasize quantum physics is the most valid science on the planet. There is no science with more truth than quantum physics. And the primary principle of quantum physics is consciousness is creating your life experience. And then we go back and we take the physics and the biology and it says, your consciousness is creating your life.

    But then we say which consciousness? The creative conscious mind, your spiritual self or your subconscious program and basically 95% from the program. So if your life is not working out the way you want, it’s not the universe that has given you a problem. It’s your own mind that’s doing this and with a psyche process. Anything that you struggle with in this life is a result of a program. And with psychache, you can rewrite all of those programs. And if you take your wishes and desires and use that to program your subconscious mind, you will manifest heaven on earth without even any effort. It’s automatic. And that’s the most important understanding. You are the creator. But unfortunately you’ve been creating other people’s programs. But with psyche, you put your programs in and your programs will have health, happiness, love, and a beautiful life. And that’s what psyche can give you. Thank you so much. You are so welcome. I am so happy because I have the Muslim wonderful. I wrote a book, a honeymoon of facts based on what? When do understand you put your wishes in there. Your life is a honeymoon every day of your life for as long as you live. And I know that. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, darling.

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