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Bruce Lipton and Rob Williams – 2020

Table of Contents: Bruce Lipton and Rob Williams – 2020
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    During the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a lot of inaccurate and fear-driven information online. This interview with Martha Vargas, Dr Bruce Lipton and Rob Williams, the originator of PSYCH-K is a wonderful and refreshing insight into how our beliefs influence our body at a cellular level. No one explains it better than Bruce himself. Staying calm, being rational and thinking logically helps us understand the situation. We function with less stress, and our immune system remains strong. 

    Bruce Lipton and Rob Williams – 2020

    Full transcript of the interview.

    Martha Vargas (00:03):
    Well, to everybody who is watching us today, tonight, tomorrow. I don’t know what time it is anymore in this times, but we’re here today with Dr Bruce Lipton and Rob Williams, Dr Lipton as a representative of this magnificent new science of epigenetics and the author of the Biology of belief, spontaneous evolution and the honeymoon effect, and Rob Williams as the originator of PSYCH-K®. So welcome both of you.

    Dr. Bruce Lipton (00:33):
    Thanks. Thank you so much.

    Martha Vargas (00:36):
    And today we want to talk with both of you about this idea of how the mind can either be the source of enormous fear and terror or it can be our best ally for our wellbeing and wellness. So we will be talking with each of you from your point of view of how this, how we can shift from the fear that we’re currently experiencing to being in love and gratitude, and wellbeing. So it’s up to you now Bruce. Welcome.

    Dr. Bruce Lipton (01:06):
    Thank you. welcome all, uh, dear friends, uh, cultural creators and seekers out there. And, uh, Rob and I are here today to give you some, a little information, a little bit positive information. Thank goodness for the situation we’re in. And to start with, first I really want to make a statement about the science of quantum physics and quantum physics. Right away. I know some people go, Oh no, quantum physics. Well, let me just say this as a fact. Quantum physics is the most valid science on planet earth that is the most tested and affirm to be true. So of all the sciences, the one that has the least questions would be quantum physics. And I say relevance to our topic today is the primary principle of quantum physics is that consciousness is creating our life experiences. Now, this is hard for a normal situation where people think, Oh, my thoughts are creating my life world experience as well.

    Dr. Bruce Lipton (02:03):
    That’s the understanding of quantum physics. Biology has come along to support that very specifically in the field called epigenetics. And epigenetics is the science of how consciousness controls our genes rather than the conventional belief that genes control our life. We now know that consciousness is controlling our genetic activity. So I say, so what does this have to do with the current epidemic with the Coronavirus 2019 or COVID-19 and the answer is this consciousness is going to determine the character of our life and how we interpret that consciousness that the mind as quantum physics says is really the source of our creativity and the life experiences that we have. Now in understanding the mind, the bigger problem that people have is that they’re actually two minds and if we don’t separate them and just say the mind, then we’re really missing a profound understanding and it goes like this.

    Dr. Bruce Lipton (03:03):
    The two minds consist of the most recent advance and development in neuroscience. Biology is the formation of what is called the conscious mind, which is really a lobe of brain tissue right behind your forehead. This is the centre of self-consciousness. This is the centre where what makes us unique from every other individual. This is our connection to spirituality is in this conscious mind. The other mind that was here before, and it’s still here, it’s called the subconscious mind and the name automatically says subconscious, which means below conscious. These are programs that operate below our awareness level and continue to operate in a very important, a lot of them are basic, what’s my heart rate? What’s my body temperature? How’s my digestive system working? I don’t have to think about these things are all controlled underneath, but the subconscious mind also controls our behaviour in many different ways.

    Dr. Bruce Lipton (03:58):
    Okay, so here’s the point. The conscious mind is creative. The subconscious mind is a habit. The conscious mind has wishes and desires. All the things that we would love to see in our world. The subconscious mind, in contrast, has programs that are automatic and play themselves and repeat themselves over and over and over again. As long as you maintain the program. Now, the subconscious mind isn’t the centre of all the conscious. The subconscious mind is profoundly important. Just to give you a simple example, when did you learn how to walk before you were to guess what? Presumably, almost all of you still walking. You could be a hundred years old, and I go, yeah, but when did you learn how to walk? I said the program was installed before too. It’s a habit that will stay with your life until you change that habit. So the important part about subconscious as different from consciousness, subconscious as a programmable mind and once the programs are in, they resist change because if a habit would just change all the time, then it wouldn’t be called a habit anymore.

    Dr. Bruce Lipton (04:56):
    Habit resist change. So the point is this conscious mind is creative and can think of anything and generally represents where our wishes and desires come from. If I asked any of you out there, what do you want from your life? Whatever it is, whether it’s relationships, health, a good job or whatever it is, that’s a creative thought and uh, and it’s what you would like. So it’s, this is where I would like to go. The conscious mind, subconscious mind said just straight programs basically. And we learned them from growing up and very many of these programs are profoundly important to allow us to have a life. I mean if you had to wake up every day and say, how do I walk and start all over again? You spend the whole day learning how to walk and then wake up the next day and go, how do I do that walking and start all over.

    Dr. Bruce Lipton (05:39):
    So I say there are good programs in there, but they’re also programs that are limiting self-sabotaging or disempowering programs. And the relevance about those is that they will operate continuously until that program changes. And I say, okay, what’s the nature of this? I said, well the first thing we got a program when we were very young is that when it comes to health, we are not responsible. And you go, what do you mean? And I say, just think about this and the average family, when somebody’s sick in the family, what is the automatic learning program that a child gets an out? Is mommy sick? She goes to the doctor, daddy’s sick, he goes to the doctor. If you’re sick, you go to the doctor. And I say so that’s a program. I said, what does it say? It’s like it says that when it comes to sickness, I am not powerful, but the doctor is the one that manages my sickness.

    Dr. Bruce Lipton (06:28):
    So I give up power over my health and then go to the truth provided by the doctor and I put truth in quotes because whatever the doctor says, we have been programmed to buy as truth because they’re the professional. We’re not. So a doctor’s opinion is profoundly important in shaping the character of our locks. I say, why is this relevant? Because right now we’re experiencing an epidemic called COVID-19 Coronavirus 2019 I say, what’s, what about this? I say it’s a flu. No matter how many people keep trying to say that it’s something other than the flu, the fact is it’s a flu. They want to make it separate because they find out, apparently, it was more aggressive than the regular flu, so they wanted to put it in its own category and I say, that’s a mistake. It’s still flu. I say, why is it relevant?

    Dr. Bruce Lipton (07:18):
    Because every year we’re familiar with the fact that when it comes to winter time, that’s flu season and every year the medical people suggest that we go get a vaccine to fight the flu. And so we bought into the belief that every year when it starts to get called out, the flu show up, and that’s actually a physical reason. Uh, the cold is a physical reason for a second fact as most flu, when the virus affects you, the virus doesn’t grow at body temperature, it grows at a cooler temperature. I said, so where in the body is there any cooler temperature? I say in the respiratory system because we’re breathing outside air and taking it in, and if the winter time the air is much colder and as we’re breathing in colder air, we’re cooling the cells of the respiratory tract, dropping them below body temperature.

    Dr. Bruce Lipton (08:06):
    I say, why is that relevant? Because flu viruses proliferate faster at cold temperatures. That’s why it’s called a cold. Okay, so annual flu season, I say, what is an annual flu season represent? I say every year the flu shows up and a certain percentage of people die every year. Every country, every year standard. I say, well, let’s say in the United States. I say, what’s the percentage? I say every year about 0.1% of flu victims die. That’s the average mortality rate. So we say, Oh, okay, that’s standard. I say, who were the ones that die? And it’s important we’re coming back to it. The ones who were already compromised health wise, I go, what does that mean? I say older people in nursing homes that are just getting on that needs support, medical supervision to, you know, take care of them and manage them. And those people that are already sick with something else that has compromised their health system, like cardiovascular disease, uh, diabetes, uh, issues like cancer, these things are already compromising the immune system.

    Dr. Bruce Lipton (09:11):
    So I say the annual flu about 0.1% of the people die. I say, who is this? It’s not just a random population 0.1% represents the aged people and those that are already compromised, people. So that’s a given. And I say this year is the most aggressive flu ever coming here. And all of a sudden the idea is, Oh, this is really bad. Uh, and, and the idea is, Oh my God, there’s so many people are going to die. And so like there’s two different news reports. Let’s just pretend I’m giving a news report and this is a regular year. And I go, well ladies and gentlemen, flu is coming upon us. It’s time to take care of your health. And, uh, uh, you know, make sure you’re not in a compromised situation, but this is the flu season. Get a vaccine if necessary. And you know, that’s it.

    Dr. Bruce Lipton (09:58):
    And like I say for this year, I could say, and this year’s flu seasons a little more aggressive than previous flu seasons because previous flu, uh, have been in the population for a long time. And so we built a natural immunity up over flu viruses that come every year, uh, and so that, uh, our immune system can deal with them. But the Corona Coronavirus 2019, apparently, is a newer virus in the field and most of us have not had previous experience so that more people are going to get the flu. I say, does that mean more people are going to die? I said, well, yeah, a little bit more, but who is going to die? So it’s the same people who were dying last year, but just more of the same group, the age, the in-firmed, the compromise. Okay, so we’re given a message, very aggressive.

    Dr. Bruce Lipton (10:44):
    It’s coming. Lots of people are going to get it. And then we find out what, Oh my God, the number of people dying this year is a great percentage, maybe a hundred times more people dying from this flu. And I said, okay, what does that mean? I say, how do you get the mortality rate? Answer. Simple. The number of people died divided by the number of people that have the virus. So I said, well, how many people have the buyers and say those that people that went and showed up at the doctor and said, I think I have the virus and let’s get tested. So I said, okay. That number of people divided into the number of deaths gives us a mortality rate and the estimated 3% to 4% of the population with the virus dies. I go, okay, first thing, there’s a mistake in mathematics, I go what do you mean.

    Dr. Bruce Lipton (11:32):
    And I said, you divide the number of dead people by the number of people that have the virus, and guess what? When I started to test in a place like a city like info in Italy where the first person died and they really wanted to test the population, they found it, a large portion of the population already had the virus, but guess what? 50% of those that have the virus had no symptoms and I guess a wiser realm relevant. I said, well if you have no symptoms, you don’t go to the doctor. If your symptoms are mild, you’re still don’t go to the doctors. I said, who goes to the doctor? The ones that are pushed all the way to an extreme end. I say, so why is it relevant? Well, then the number that you’re dividing into the deaths is a small number because the full number for people that have the virus, it’s much more massive.

    Dr. Bruce Lipton (12:15):
    I say, so why is it relevant? I say, if everyone that actually had the virus was reported, then the death rate would drop way below 1% I say, yeah, but that’s in the normal range. I go, yeah, but the death rate is three to 4% I said, that’s a fake number because that number doesn’t represent everybody who had the virus and only represents those that showed up to get tested for the virus, so we have a very large population. I say, what’s the death rate? It comes down to not much more than a regular season. I say, yeah, but what’s the problem? I say, because of the media, we are given information that this is very aggressive and high mortality, and then I say, what is the consequences of this? I say, when we buy the story from our medical experts, we remember we give up, well, who am I?

    Dr. Bruce Lipton (13:07):
    I’m not a medical person, but the medical person says that I give up power to them. I take their truth and make it my truth. I say, why is it relevant? Because if I’m getting information that scares me, such as the news media, they’re not saying this is a flu season and it’s a little more aggressive. They come on and say, this is a flu season. You’re going to die. I go, wait a minute. This is a whole different story. Now the fear has gotten to them, not just the group that normally gets the flu and has mortality. Now that you’re saying, everybody does not mean me, and all of a sudden I say, so why is this relevant? Because fear causes a release of stress hormones. That’s what fear is all about. I say, so what does stress hormones do? I say they coordinate the body’s behaviour to deal with a threat, and if the threat is an external threat, then the adrenal system, the stress hormones of the adrenal system are coordinating the functions of the body and I go, so what I say when we’re afraid of a sabre tooth tiger chasing us, the body has to reorganize its resources to escape the fear.

    Dr. Bruce Lipton (14:17):
    I say, how does it do that? I say, well if you’re running from the proverbial saber tooth tiger, you want all of the available energy in your body to escape that tiger. So the stress hormones shutdown functions not relevant to escaping the tiger. I go like what? I said, well, first of all, all the visceral functions, the gut functions are what? Health and maintenance are taken care of the body cleaning us system, purifying it, building it. I said this is the function of the gut. I say, so what? And I say, all functions require blood because is the source of the energy that funds all these functions. So wherever I need the blood is where I’m going to put the energy because the energy and blood are the same. I say, yeah, but if I’m chasing a saber tooth tiger, what do I care about my digestive system and the respiratory system in a sense of fixing and maintaining.

    Dr. Bruce Lipton (15:09):
    And I say, that takes energy to fix. I said, but I need the energy to run away from the tiger. So stress hormones cause the blood vessels in the gut to constrict. This is where people get what they called butterflies. In the stomach, they feel a little queasy. And I go, what is it? I say it’s blood vessels squeezing shut. I say, why should I squeeze the blood vessels shut in the gut? And the answer is I’m redirecting the flow of blood, not from the gut doing maintenance, but I’m sending it to the arms and legs because that’s where the energy is and I need to run away from that tiger. So I say the first aspect of a stress response is to shut down all functions not associated with running away from the tiger, which includes health maintenance, repair, filtering, cleaning the body to make it run as a great machine.

    Dr. Bruce Lipton (15:55):
    So the first thing is we shut down growth and maintenance of the body, which is going to open us up to a breakdown number one. But more importantly, and Rob is going to go deeper into this as well as simply this, the immune system uses a lot of energy. I said, what do you mean? I said, well, if you’ve ever been sick, maybe you didn’t even have enough energy to get out of bed when you were sick. The draw of energy to support that the immune system is so great that it actually could cause us to be weakened, to just stay in the bed. I say, so what’s relevant? I said, if you’re being chased by a saber tooth tiger and you have a bacterial infection and you’re going to allocate the energy, I say to priority, I say the hell with the infection. If the tiger catches made, the infection is really not a problem anymore.

    Dr. Bruce Lipton (16:41):
    Uh, so the idea is stress hormones by definition shut down the immune system to conserve energy that can be used to run away from the threat. So I say, well, what’s relevant? I said with the Corona story, we’re put on a fear basis where, Oh my God, I’m going to die. People are dying. I could die. Well all of us could die. I go, what does that do? And I say, you’re releasing stress hormones. I say, what a stress hormone. So they’re going to shut down the growth of your body and they’re going to shut down the immune system. Let me give you a fact of how powerful our stress hormones and shutting off the immune system. Listen to this. When surgeons are going to transplant an organ from a donor into a recipient, they give the recipient stress hormones before the operation. I said, why?

    Dr. Bruce Lipton (17:31):
    Because when you put a foreign organ into another person’s body, their immune system is designed to eliminate that and then it’s foreign. It’s doesn’t belong. So I say, so if I want to give somebody a kidney or a heart, I don’t want their immune system working full out because as soon as I transplant it, the immune system will try and destroy it. So they give the recipients of transplant stress hormones before the operation. Why? Because stress hormones shut off the immune response. So there’s not an immediate attack on the foreign transplant. So therapeutically, stress hormones are used to shop off the immune system. So I say, Oh, I say, why is it relevant? And the answer is simply this. The moment you start watching the news, the moment you start realizing that your life isn’t fear and threat and you could die. And all of a sudden I say, yeah, but what’s that going to do?

    Dr. Bruce Lipton (18:24):
    And I’m going to say psychologically the consequences, you’re going to release a lot of stress hormones. That is the consequence of having that, that belief that, Oh my God, I’m, I’m going to die. And that’s all I say. So you, all of us in a sense have released stress hormones. So I say, so why is it relevant? Well, there’s two things. One, the annual flu viruses, when they come and people say, Oh, it’s flu season, get a vaccine or whatever. I never get those stupid things. Cause I know basically this, if I stay healthy, if I eat well, organic, natural food, I take vitamins and supplements, I do whatever exercises to keep my body in good shape. Uh, I, I’m not concerned about the annual flu. I never do. Okay. And if I get it, what is it? Well, I’m going to sneeze. I’m going to cough.

    Dr. Bruce Lipton (19:10):
    I might even get a slight fever. I say, what about this year? And I say, well, this year, this virus apparently hasn’t been around a lot before, and therefore we’re not prepared in our history, our memory of our immune system from previous exposure to deal with this. So it’s a little more aggressive. Why my immune system has to start from zero essentially to fight this. It doesn’t have a previous memory. So first of all, it’s going to be widespread. Why? Because most of us haven’t been exposed to this virus before. So a lot of people are going to get it. Then I say, what’s going to happen to them? I say, well, they’re going to get the flu. It’s going to be a little more aggressive than normal. Why? Because the period that it takes your immune system to build up is going to take longer cause it’s a new virus and a previously experienced virus.

    Dr. Bruce Lipton (19:53):
    So, the symptoms are going to be a little more aggressive. I say, so what? And I say, yeah, the conventional symptoms are, uh, the, uh, coughing, sneezing, slight fever, and then there’s a respiratory problem because these are respiratory viruses. Okay. And that’s their target. So I say respiratory distress. I say it’s even more aggressive than previously, so I’m going to say why I say people are feeling a much more aggressive response to this virus and they’re getting respiratory distress and now they’re in more fear because all my God, I can’t breathe. Well. I go, why is that relevant? Because the more fear you’re expressing, the more stress hormones you’re releasing, the more stress hormones you release releasing, the more you’re inhibiting the ability to deal with it. Let me, calm people, firstly with this respiratory distress, which what people are afraid about, totally manageable by the medical system.

    Dr. Bruce Lipton (20:47):
    They have everything they need. They have devices like the ventilators that got the drugs that are antiviral. It’s not life-threatening. If you don’t get treatment, it could be life-threatening and so then all of a sudden we’re put into the fear, what’s the news media? Oh my God, the hospitals are overflowing. You know, people around in the street that can’t get the care and blah, blah, blah. Not makes more stress because I was like, Oh my God if I do get sick, I can’t even get to the hospital. And now every it’s an exacerbation worse than worse. Okay, so the point is this, are you going to die from this flu? No, not really. Uh, you know, if you can get the ventilator, even the extreme cases are going to come through. There’s no problem. Medicine can deal with it. It’s not a problem.

    Dr. Bruce Lipton (21:29):
    I say, who’s that are dying? I said, well, the same group of people are dying. They’re dying every year from the flu. And I say these were already compromised. They were aged people who are on life support and you know, nursing’s then or people who have diseases which are interfering. I say these are the same people, but there’s going to be a few more in that category that will die because of the more aggressive character. So I said, well, is it lots and lots of numbers of people are dying. The numbers that they give us, and I go fake numbers because they’re not counting the people that up to 50% have the infection and because their natural immune system is not compromised because they’re relatively healthy people, they’re carrying this virus without any adverse effects on their system that they’re worried about. That means this large population have this virus.

    Dr. Bruce Lipton (22:17):
    They’re not even reporting it because the symptoms don’t are not that great. So we have been creating a situation of fear that possession of the virus is immediately taking you toward death and it’s like, Nope, it’s not really that much different than the annual flu except that the media is different. The media in a sense of fear is warning about, Oh my God, you could die. You can’t get healthcare because hospitals are flooded with people and you’re going to have all these problems. And it goes like these aren’t necessarily real at all except I believe they’re real. I say, so what’s the difference? I said because when I believe something, the function of my mind is to coordinate my biology, to deal with the belief. If there’s a real saber tooth tiger chasing me that damn. Well glad I have. My belief system is a tiger.

    Dr. Bruce Lipton (23:05):
    He’s dangerous. I’m going to run, with all my energy and go, but what if there’s a fake tiger? And I’m told there’s a tiger back there and there’s no tiger back there, but I believe there’s a tiger back there. And I said, well, it doesn’t make a difference of a real tiger, a fake tiger if you believe that you’re still gonna go through the same response. So I said, well, the flu season on annual year, nobody gets all excited and crazed. It happens every year. I say if we just put that same news media out saying it’s a little more aggressive this year, but it’s all treatable, everything would be cool. Except we’re being programmed that this is deadly. And I say, who’s dying? And they want to make like, Oh, a baby died. I read that a baby died. I go, what’s that mean?

    Dr. Bruce Lipton (23:48):
    Well, the baby’s gone. I go, a baby died. I don’t even know what the situation that baby’s life was before it died. Was it already compromised? Was it already having a health problem? Because most of the people that died already have health problems. They weren’t selected just out of I was healthy. Then boom, I got hit with a virus and I died. That’s not true. I said, true or false. It doesn’t make any difference. If if it’s false and you believe it to be true, then that’s what you’re going to behave with. And so we are being programmed that we are victims, that it’s massive, that we have to control our life experiences being shut down or locked down. Don’t do this, shut down the business and my God, you know the fear that that’s generating, not just the fear of the flu, but if I’m on a salary and all of a sudden I’m not working for a month, where the heck am I going to get food?

    Dr. Bruce Lipton (24:42):
    Who’s going to pay the rent? All this. I say compound that stress because that’s more stress adding to the same system, debilitating you more and more. So the idea is this, our programs that we have bought into to give up our power to the medical people because they’re the professional. And we take their words as truth. Then we take their words, turn it into our biology and manifest that truth. The function of the mind is to take the programs in that mind and manifest them. Okay, and I say, why is it relevant? I say, what do you think the placebo effect is? The placebo effect is a, I have an illness and the doctor said, this medicine, I just got us the greatest, hottest new medicine. It’s going to fix you and you’re going to, and you believe it. You take that pill, you get well, you find out it’s a sugar pill and then we go, Oh, the placebo.

    Dr. Bruce Lipton (25:34):
    It wasn’t the pill that healed you sugar, didn’t heal you. What healed you? Your belief in the pill, healed you. I say, so that’s a positive belief and I say, what about the consequences of a negative belief? I said the public doesn’t hear about that. We always hear about the placebo effect. What is the result of having a positive belief in health and it enhances your health, but nobody talks about what’s the effect of having a negative belief? I go, God, it’s equally powerful to the placebo, but it works in the opposite direction. A negative belief can cause you to have any disease. You can die just from the fear of belief of fear can kill you. What’s the story? It’s not the power. Positive belief versus negative. Belief it’s the power of belief and that belief will determine which direction you’re going to go.

    Dr. Bruce Lipton (26:20):
    In. Scientists, psychologists reveal that up to about 70% up to 70% of our programs of belief are negative, disempowering, and self-sabotaging programs. The disempowering one, for example, is this. Your health is not under your control. Your health is under the control of a doctor. That’s what we learned. I said, well, that’s disempowering for what reason. People heal themselves. A hundred thousand years before there was a medical school to heal themselves through the power of what? Placebo. Mind control. Okay, and yet today we’re told no, you’re your power doesn’t exist. Health you go see the professionals, so then all of a sudden the words of the professional become your compass. At that point, if it says I’m in trouble, then my mind is immediately going to say, Oh my God, the professional told me I’m in trouble. And the function of the mind is going to manifest that experience.

    Dr. Bruce Lipton (27:15):
    And so what I really want to draw attention to is simply this is the current situation. As scary as the media says it is, I say absolutely not. The mortality rates are completely screwed up because of the mathematics of it. That’s not any really, you know, affecting any other population. The same ones that are affected every year. If you are part of that population if you are a compromise in your health if you were in a nursing home and all that, I say take every damn precaution possible. Stay healthy, everyone isolation, but eating naturally good food, taking vitamins and supplements and exercise, that’s part of maintaining our health. Okay. And people who are compromised should be really sensitive to this because they’re already on the weak side. So they need everything they can do to build a system up. But if you’re not compromised, then all of a sudden you start to realize this, like, am I going to get sick and dying?

    Dr. Bruce Lipton (28:14):
    I said you might get the flu. You might not even have any symptoms that you got the flu, or you could have respiratory problems, but that’s not lethal because you can get treatment for it. So the bottom line is it’s this flu as scary as the consciousness that we have been provided with. And I go, no, it’s a little more aggressive than conventional flu. The symptoms are all manageable. You can take care of your health and that you’re not going to die. And that’s the important part because it’s the fear that causes the stress hormones, which by definition shut down the immune system and open you to a much more aggressive response to the same flu. So some people get the flu, they don’t even know they have it. Some people have Coronavirus, 19 flu, they don’t even have a symptom. And there are other people who are in respiratory distress.

    Dr. Bruce Lipton (29:10):
    And I go, what’s the difference? And I say, well, basically is how’s your immune system and how’s your belief system? Because if your immune system is weakened and your belief system is open to the fact that you have no power and that you are likely to have a problem, uh, then you might as well expect to manifest it. Because the function of the mind is to take the belief and turn it into reality. That’s what the mind does. So my effort here is to say the beliefs that you’re getting from the media or because they’re going to stress you. And even if you were in a healthy place, that stress alone could open the door for, uh, not just getting the flu, but even a more serious case of the flu. It’s our belief systems. How much do you believe in yourself? How much do you believe in your ability to heal yourself?

    Dr. Bruce Lipton (29:59):
    Which is amazing. We are creators, we create health, and our belief system can cause us to create disease. And the issue is this. And where are your beliefs? Are you living in fear at this moment? Are you concerned that the immediate future might see you get the flu and then you’re going to see the picture, I’m going to die? I go, this is a very negative belief system because the belief system causes the release of chemistry into the blood stress hormones. In this particular case, I say, why is it relevant? Because the chemistry of the blood controls the genetics. That’s called epigenetics. As you change your mind, you change the chemistry that’s into the blood and there’s different chemistry between the chemistry of love and chemistry of fear. The chemistry of love enhances your vitality. The chemistry of fear compromises your vitality, and I say, yeah, but a lot of these are programs and I say, well, then, Oh my goodness, it’s not your conscious mind that’s creating the problem.

    Dr. Bruce Lipton (30:57):
    It’s below consciousness. It’s subconscious programs that we bought into. I’m weak, I’m vulnerable though I could get this, and those are the programs that are operating below consciousness that are shaping your life and we’ve talked about a biology belief for years about the nature of that. We’ve been programmed. And as I said, in this particular case, the programming that we got is disempowered us and a medical emergency because the first thing we did is give up power and say, I buy whatever the professionals tell me. And I said, wow, if they’re not telling you the truth, then you could be way down the wrong path of life. You can change these beliefs once you see these beliefs. And the important part about these beliefs is, uh, as the biology of belief talks, about 95% of your life is coming from subconscious programming. So your life is a program of your beliefs.

    Dr. Bruce Lipton (31:47):
    And I say, so why is it relevant? I said, well, what are your beliefs? Are you feeling safe and sound and healthy that you can thrive through all of this? Or are you all of a sudden on the edge of, Oh my God, I could be a victim, I could die. I could have this series of, as I say, these are programs and there are ways to change the programs. The two natural ways of changing the program or self-hypnosis, which is how a child learns programs in the first seven years. After age seven, we acquire new programs through a process of repetition, or habituation, repeating something over and over and over again. And then we learn it. It becomes a habit. And then there’s a new way of healing these programs called energy psychology. And on my website,, I’ve got about 25 different modalities, different versions of energy psychology, pretty much they work on the same one I can talk about the most is the one that I use, the one I’m most familiar with.

    Dr. Bruce Lipton (32:43):
    So I’m not saying the other ones are less effective. I’m just going to say that the one that I’ve experienced that was most effective in changing my life because the programs, once I understood what I wanted to change, that was the harder part of what program I want to put in. Uh, using a PSYCH-K® process developed by Rob Williams. Uh, in my experience was the most rapid way of reprogramming those, uh, programs that are not supporting us. Programs that are creating a disability just because of the belief program. And I found that using PSYCH-K® changed my life so profoundly that I have rewritten programs, the ones that scared me, the ones that I live in, fear. I used to live in fear and now my life is like I live heaven on earth. Why? Because eliminating the programs that disempowered me, of course, led to programs that empower me.

    Dr. Bruce Lipton (33:40):
    And uh, I live by the PSYCH-K® process because, uh, many of the issues I had in my life, like even writing the book, the biology of belief, I couldn’t have written it because of limiting subconscious beliefs. And thank God I had, you know, PSYCH-K® through Rob and it was amazing because after changing that belief, the book came out, I, I started to recognize that my limiting beliefs and now I’m like one of the happiest people around for what reason? I reprogram the fear. I’ve reprogrammed the bad programming I got from my parents. I’m, I’m in a state of honeymoon with my partner Margaret every day, 22 years. Why? Because when my bad program started to show up, subconscious meaning below conscious, I couldn’t see what the programs are because that’s the nature of it. Let me just give one story before I turn this over to Rob because it’s relevant and that is simply this.

    Dr. Bruce Lipton (34:36):
    I told the same story for 20 plus years in my lectures and it’s simply this, I call it the story of bill. I say, you have a friend that you grew up with, you knew your friend’s behaviour very, very well, and you happen to know your friend’s parent and one day you see your friend has the exact same behaviour as their parents, so this excites you and you got to tell like, Hey, bill, you’re just like your dad. And I said, back away from Bill. The moment you say that bill is going to go ballistic, who do you compare me? I’m nothing like my dad I don’t know what are you crazy. I go, well, I tell that story and the audience starts laughing. They started laughing because all of them have that experience. I said this is the most profound experience that you have to understand, not as this subconscious programs play when the conscious mind is busy, which is 95% of the day because that’s when the conscious mind is busy thinking, which is not looking out your eyes but looking in your head because thinking is inside.

    Dr. Bruce Lipton (35:34):
    And so if you were thinking the conscious mind is not controlling your biome, it’s not even looking out at the world. So when you start to think the behavior is automatically controlled by subconscious programs, which is like autopilot. And these programs came from other people and up to 70% of them are disempowering, self-sabotaging beliefs. So I say, what’s the point? We are all bill. We are living a life where we think consciously I’m creating what I want but not recognize it. And 95% of our life is not coming from creative wishes coming from the programs. Our life is a printout of our programs. If you are in fear, if you are in struggle, if you are in need and desire and can’t get there, it’s not because the universe won’t give it to you. It’s almost inevitably your program does not support that destination. If you’re out there now and you’re concerned about your health in this COVID-19 epidemic, that’s a concern.

    Dr. Bruce Lipton (36:33):
    That has been overblown by the media because the concern is that you’re not going to have the flu. You’re going to die. And that fear of death disempowers you because the fear of death says somebody else takes care of me and you give up your power and it’s time to take that power back because it’s the fear that is killing you, not, not the biology is corresponding to whatever that fear is that’s coming in. And that’s why I really want to turn this over to Rob Williams for the simple reason as this. And my particular case is the virus all around me. I go, yeah, and am I afraid, no, I’m not afraid of a virus at all. And if I do get a problem, I know what’s handleable and I’m not going to die. Why? Because my subconscious programs have eliminated that fear that was really wasn’t true.

    Dr. Bruce Lipton (37:25):
    It just scares me and scares me, shuts me down. And so I really want to turn this over to Rob because the idea is what can I change those beliefs and the answer? Of course, I can change those beliefs, but you have to do it in certain ways. That doesn’t just happen because I would say don’t be afraid of the virus. That doesn’t change anything. It’s a program you have to reprogram. And when you do that, you become empowered to manifest the life that quantum physics just said. We have, we are creating this life with consciousness. If your consciousness has negative aspects and that was what’s going to manifest, but you can change all negative aspects of the subconscious, uh, using energy psychology. And specifically, the one that I’m familiar with, the one that profoundly changed the life that I live is like, Hey, so, uh, I would like to turn this over to wall Rob Williams because I’ll let him describe the nature of this programming and its manifestation. I just give you the biology. You become your program. If your program is not empowering you, then your programs are disempowering you. And if you feel weak and out of power, it’s not the world, it’s your programming. So, Rob, I look forward to hearing how you can, uh, help people about the nature of if I am in a bad place, can I change that programming? And of course, I know the answer is yes, but I’ll let you tell people.

    Rob Williams (38:51):
    Yeah, you’re right. Bruce. The answer is yes. A big yes. In fact, we’ve been doing that with PSYCH-K® for over 30 years. So we have lots of experience to call on through good times and bad times. And, uh, one thing that I, I recognized early on that really excited me was that all these programs you’re talking about, many of which are gotten early on in life before we have a mind that can even discern that this is not our stuff. It’s our parents’ stuff. It’s society stuff. We run those programs indefinitely until we recognize they’re not serving us. And until we find a way, a user-friendly way hopefully to make these changes, all of the beliefs that we have that are of that sort that were learned behaviours are all rewriteable software. It’s not read-only memory, it’s rewriteable. So when you read, perceive your past, that’s the key here.

    Rob Williams (39:44):
    Then it changes the effect the past has on you in the present moment. And of course in decisions and thoughts and such that you have about your future, you can create a very different future when you perceive the past differently and you’re not dragging the baggage, the limitations with you, which are like, uh, bumps in the road all the time. So the ride is real rough into your future if you have all that baggage you’re trying to carry. The truth is toxic beliefs can be hazardous to your health. And when you think about it in terms of what you’ve said, Bruce, the immune system itself is our basic. It’s the, it’s the thing that lives between us and wellbeing or sickness. So you want to make sure your immune system is your best friend and not your worst enemy. And the way to do that.

    Rob Williams (40:33):
    A very important part of the way to do that. In addition to eating well, exercising, paying attention to your life choices and so on is the psychological psycho-emotional and psychospiritual component of living on this planet and your beliefs matter a lot and in terms of how you express who you are and the kinds of experiences that you have. You’ve said it very well that you create your own reality through the beliefs that you have because that’s the only reality. You know as soon as you wake up enough at the conscious mind level, to begin with, to see what’s not working for you and then you can challenge it, then you can make a change. Then it’s worth saying, Oh, I want a different belief to be driving my thoughts and choices and 95% of the time than the ones that I currently have, I am carrying my parents’ beliefs and society’s beliefs.

    Rob Williams (41:30):
    From an earlier time in your life, you were highly susceptible to programs. As an adult, you get it. You get a lot more ability to discern what’s working for you and what’s not. So for instance with this, with respect to the COVID-19 virus, you’ve made a very strong and very compelling scientific case that it’s our fear that is the main contagion, the device, the actual molecules, the actual virus itself is not as much of a threat as how as what we think about it being is to us. So to repressive, what this is starting with the conscious information you’ve given and then looking at our belief systems about wellness or disease and are like you said earlier, do we really believe that our bodies can manage disease? Are we powerful enough beings to overcome a virus or are we immediately victim of that virus?

    Rob Williams (42:28):
    No matter what we think because the experts have convinced us and told us that the virus is this invisible thing that’s going to kill you. So that is where a psychotic comes in big time. That’s where you can say, alright, I want to set beliefs that enhance my immune system’s capability to keep me well and supposed to suppress it. And there, there is such a thing as called an immune-competent personality. These are attributes, qualities of human beings that tend to stay well. They don’t get sick very often at all. And when they do, it’s short and the symptoms are mild. So your mind has a heck of a lot to do with this. And this is all scientifically grounded in a field called psychoneuroimmunology. It’s a very long word that means the mind, body connection. But the science is deep and it has been around for years.

    Rob Williams (43:24):
    And the more we understand about this mind-body connection, the more we can use our minds to manage our bodies. So managing fear that which we go into almost automatically. So usually that’s your first clue that the beliefs that are creating the fear response are subconscious beliefs, not conscious ones. You listen to what Bruce just said, everybody and you would say, okay, I get it. That’s perspective. I guess I shouldn’t be afraid. Well, then why are you still afraid? So what are the beliefs? You can’t see the ones below the level of conscious awareness at the subconscious level that need to be changed. And that’s really the essence of what PSYCH-K® has been doing and why it’s here on the planet especially now, is to help people rewrite the software of their lives that isn’t working for them, whether it’s a health issue or, uh, any other issue that they have.

    Rob Williams (44:13):
    Grief and loss, uh, personality issues and whatnot. All of that is still driven from the subconscious level of mind and the beliefs that we got when we were too young to know any different. So now we’re growing up big people, but we’re carrying around childhood beliefs and a lot of them are outdated, outmoded, no longer worthy of who we are or who we’re becoming. And they’re antiquated in terms of our power to take care of our own health as well. We want to work in concert, uh, not as an, as a, as a complement to the medical community. The medical community has lots of gifts that they can give us. And so your doctor pays attention to what he or she is saying. And to know that ultimately your mind has to partner with the doctor’s intention to create wellness. So I’m going to suggest that in this particular time, especially when we have the social distancing mantra going on, the healthy thing to do for right now.

    Rob Williams (45:11):
    Yes. And the other part of the whole thing is that the fear that’s being promulgated in this society worldwide is probably the most dangerous thing for the world population. And it’s health. Even healthy people, even healthy people who should not be in the at-risk group could find themselves there because their fear overrides the knowledge and information they have and the subconscious beliefs are not supporting them. So one of the things that we can do with psych-k, Hey, I’m a psychic and offer cause its intention is to teach people when it’s possible to teach and in a physical, in-person way, which isn’t right now the case that psyche sessions, private sessions can be done long distance for anywhere in the world. It doesn’t matter where you are, there’s no such thing as far away from the psyche as a resource for strengthening your immune system through your belief systems.

    Rob Williams (46:11):
    As a matter of fact, on our website, we have over 400 people that are trained to address issues like health, wellbeing, self-esteem, grief and loss and so on. With PSYCH-K® teaching instead of teaching how to do this, which we do in classes when, when we can, we can’t right now because of the restrictions on gatherings, but we can offer private session work over the phone or over a medium like blue jeans or Skype or zoom that are just as effective as in person. So I would urge you to consider that if you want to check to find out what your belief systems are around, uh, either immune enhancing or immune-suppressing beliefs, that would be a way that you could do it. And that way you began to feed not only your body good food but your mind, the kind of food it needs. This is not about positive thinking and willpower and all of that.

    Rob Willams (47:08):
    It’s, that’s, it’s far beyond that. This is directly teaching people or in this case, facilitating changes at the subconscious level that can enhance your immune system and change your life in a positive way. We have both these, this group of 400 people listed from around the world who speak multiple languages. So if your primary language native tongue is not English, we teach in about and also, I can do private sessions in maybe a dozen different languages. You go to the psyche website and click on private sessions. You’ll see this list of the 400 people that are on the list or are qualified to help you in this way. And also there’s a list if you click on the list that says instructors, the PSYCH-K® instructors there a little over 30 of them around the world, that right now have extra time to do private sessions. Often times you can’t get a private session with an instructor when they’re so busy teaching, but right now they have some extra time and they can also assist you. So the resources there, the opportunity to avail yourself of it is now. And of course, there couldn’t be a better time to do that.

    Martha Vargas (48:20):
    Well, that is very beautiful. I’m filled with joy. Listen to both of you and to hear all this and more than here, feel all this love and all this hope of yes, it’s, it is a trying time, but we need a lot of this. So to close, we just want to let our audience, now that we’re going to be posting here, the links where you can find the information that we’ve been talking about, information about both your books also, which are very illustrative of what we’ve talked about today, and where to find a facilitator because also we’re offering free mini sessions or this particular time so that people who are in fear and transform that, and we want to offer that to the world. Well, thank you. Thank you so much. Both of you.

    Rob Williams (49:10):
    You’re welcome and much love to all of you listening be well. Absolutely. It’s all in our mind, and we can create a lot better than this.

    Martha Vargas (49:23):
    Thank you.

    Bruce Lipton, Smiling In Front Of A Building.
    Bruce Lipton and Rob Williams - 2020 3

    What is the summary of the biology of belief by Bruce H Lipton?

    Bruce Lipton, Smiling In Front Of A Building.

    The Biology of Belief by Bruce H. Lipton is a book that challenges the traditional scientific belief that genes control our biology. Lipton, a recognized leader in bridging science and a cell biologist, as an an internationally recognized leader in bridging sience Bruce believes in our beliefs and perceptions, rather than our genes, play a significant role in determining our health and well-being.

    Lipton explains that the cell membrane, the outer layer of a cell, is not just a physical barrier but also acts as a biochemical computer that responds to signals from the environment. These signals can come from our thoughts, emotions, and beliefs, and they influence the behaviour and health of our cells.

    What is the biology of belief about?

    The Biology of Belief is a revolutionary change in biology and Bruce Lipton explores a new approach to the connection between mind and matter.

    Where does Bruce Lipton Live?

    Felton, CA, United States, California

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