Muscle Testing

Muscle Testing

In a PSYCH-K session we use muscle testing to verify questions by checking the body’s response. This easy and effective method is used in three ways:

  • To detect the presence or absence of stress (e.g. inner conflict)
  • To quickly and accurately identify subconscious beliefs.
  • As a strong/weak response or “Yes”/” No” communication system.

Posture and Position

The partner sits or stands comfortably with a relaxed body.

The partner then extends one arm to the side, their chin parallel with the floor and their eyes focused down. This enables the conscious mind to disconnect so we can directly communicate with the sub conscious mind.

The facilitator

The facilitator will stand to the side of the partner, with one hand on their shoulder to help keep the partner stable and the other hand on the partners wrist with their thumb underneath for support.


The facilitator will then ask a question to the partner for them to repeat, then they will say “be strong” then apply a small amount of downward pressure for two seconds and asking the partner to gently resist.

If the partners arm locks in place, this is a strong or yes response.

If the partners arm gives way or let’s go then this is a weak or no response.

To get the most reliable response from muscle testing it is best if the partner maintains a neutral and curious attitude about whether a particular outcome of muscle test will be strong or weak. It is also recommended to have a drink of water before starting as dehydration can lead to inaccurate results.

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