Hypnosis for weight loss – My Story

Hypnosis for weight loss

Do you want a no nonsense approach to weight loss?

Hi, I’m Paul, the clinical hypnotherapist at Norwest Wellbeing. Over the last two years, I went from a healthy diet to eating unhealthy foods, which lead me to become obese and then back to good health again, and all without any exercise.

Why? I believe that to teach people, you to have to have experienced it yourself first hand, so I did just that. It’s been an interesting time, where I experienced some low moments, feeling embarrassed about how I looked, to developing a complete “what’s the point & I can’t be bothered” mindset. I was reasonably healthy before I started, but I hated exercise and salad. Yes! I hated it.

I was open and curious to see what would happen to my body and mental health if I ate what I wanted when I wanted. The results shocked me!

Lets get the formalities out of the way first

Here's My story of what happened when i "got fat"

The first thing I needed to do was get fat, while this sounds easy, let me tell you it isn’t. You don’t just wake up one-morning fat, it takes time and happens slowly. I had to make some significant changes to my diet and also make sure I wasn’t putting my health in danger.

Throughout 2018 my weight slowly went up, bit by bit to the point that I was feeling generally unwell. I felt fat, uncomfortable, my body ached, and I was no longer sleeping properly. Let me guess if you’re reading this, it may be how you feel right now?.

Under the watchful eye of my Doctor, and with regular blood tests, I went from healthy food choices and eating habits to what most people often do; they slowly put on weight, then suddenly it’s become too overwhelming to lose the weight. I let myself go and ate what I wanted when I wanted and justified it by telling myself:

Here's what my food choices became

Nearly everything I ate was highly processed food. 

What I wasn’t eating was any fresh plant-based foods, and I wasn’t drinking water. Why? Because at my peak weight, I had convinced myself that I didn’t need to because eating healthy was too hard, takes too long to prepare and I was getting plenty of liquids from all the drinks I consumed.

I avoided foods like this at all costs

I would often skip meals to see if it slowed down my weight gain. What I found was the sudden drop of sugar in my blood would make my cravings worse. I would then binge on sugary foods to make me feel more awake and alert. As the weight increased, my sleep decreased.

Not only could I no longer fall asleep easily, but the quality of my sleep was disturbed. When I was tired, I ate lots of sugary foods to wake up. When I crashed from all the sugar, I needed more sleep, but it was poor quality sleep. I’d become stuck in a loop, and I couldn’t get out.

I knew this was an experiment I was conducting on myself, but what I hadn’t expected was the severe mental shift that happened. I was no longer doing an experiment that I could accurately observe. I had become a person that is usually very mentally strong and healthy, to someone that was starting to believe this was the person I was meant to be.

My mind was now starting to play a trick on me. I remember having a thought that my destiny was to be obese, and that was ok. I always justified it to myself as I’m just a bit overweight. I was becoming morbidly obese, and I told myself and believed that at my age, it’s just how it is.

There was also a rise in my cholesterol and triglycerides. The triglycerides rose to a dangerous level. Had I not been monitoring this with regular blood tests during the experiment, I would not have known what was happening to my body internally. What I was eating had caused some levels in my blood to go so high there was a real risk of heart attack or stroke.

It was a visit to my doctor after a blood test that brought the entire weight gain process to an immediate stop. When the Doctor looked at the triglycerides level he looks over to me and said.

"You only ever see a triglyceride level that high, in someone who has died. I think this experiment should stop."

And so I stopped. What concerned me the most at this point of putting on weight, is I was eating what I considered a healthy diet of a person that was slowly putting on weight. If I had not been having regular blood tests, which most people don’t do, this would have gone completely undetected.

Now its time for the second part of the experiment. I need to lose all the weight. Losing weight was harder than I ever expected. I know first hand what you are going through, I was living it.

I found myself creating scenarios that I believed to be true. Once we think it is true, it becomes true. I then began to think I shouldn’t change. Why change something I believe is true?

Here were some of my excuses

"Telling a fat person to join a gym and exercise is as productive as telling a smoker that it's bad for them."

What I needed was something to jolt me back to who I was before this experiment began. My mind needed a kick start, and just like a flash of light, it happened. A business mentor of mine posted a picture of his thin, fit self on Facebook out walking in the middle of a workday. I was jealous, and I replied with this comment.

“I wish I had time to exercise in the middle of a workday like you do, don’t you have more important things to do?”

And he replied:

“Nothing is more important than your health. Without it, you have nothing.”

That reply hit me like a semi-trailer; it was just what I needed to hear. To my mentor, the most important, and the highest priority was his health. More important than anything else he had to do that day. It was just what I needed to hear.

I sprung into action! It was time to get back on track with my experiment. It’s now April 2019; I’m at a staggering 125 kg. I’m fat, my body aches, I’m sleep-deprived and showing signs of slight depression.

Let's Recap

The purpose of the experiment was to see if it was possible to lose a substantial amount of weight using mindset only: no counting calories, no fad diets and no exercise. But I need to clarify the exercise comment. Exercise is critically important for health and fitness, but just like I said before, telling a fat person that they need to join a gym to lose weight is the last thing on earth they want to hear at the start, that needs to come later.

Exercise needs to happen, but later on in the weight loss journey, not at the start. As a fat person, everything ached, my motivation was low, I was living in a sugar coma and too tired to do anything, let alone exercise.

The first step I had to take was to reset my mind. Was it possible by just changing the perception of who I am, who I think I am, and who I see as my reflection? Then transforming that into the person I want to be. The answer is yes! I’m now living proof of it.

The techniques I used to drop 25kg over a few months is the exact same method I will teach you in my weight loss program. I will show you how to change the person you think you are, into what you would like to be instead.

With hypnosis, you begin to naturally, at a subconscious level, make healthy choices, choosing when to eat and eating only as much as your body needs. You will become the best version of yourself that you want to be. You then begin to act and behave accordingly.

Now all this sounds a little too easy or too good to be true right? And honestly, it was. But I can’t make this up, the image at the top of the page is my weight loss graph, it hasn’t been photoshopped, and the dates are clear on the bottom of the image. In a consultation, I’d be delighted to show you the graph on my phone. Below is a picture of me at my heaviest and how I look now. I invite you to come and see me in person if you’re doubtful about how I look now. 

Weight loss before
Weight loss after

Counting calories, in my opinion, is a short term approach and for myself and many other people, I know it doesn’t work. Another example which I have first-hand experience with is people that have had gastric sleeves with surgery (not hypnosis), They initially lose the weight but put it back on again if nothing has been done with changing their mindset. As a clinical hypnotherapist, I won’t do virtual gastric band hypnosis without making the mindset shift first under hypnosis.

Without the mindset shift first, it can be a very ineffective way to lose weight. I became a person that ate and acted as a healthy person in my mind first; then I couldn’t be anything else other than how that healthy person acts and behaves. All that was left to do was to follow my path towards the goal I set myself in the beginning.

I continued to lose weight through the Christmas and new year period of 2019/2020 without any extra effort or motivation. The next part of the experiment is to significantly improve my fitness with exercise and regular visits to the gym, but that’s stage two. For you, we are only focusing on step one first. Remember, no counting calories or exercise at the start.