What is PSYCH-K


PSYCH-K is a simple process that lets you communicate with your subconscious so that you can free your mind from self-limiting beliefs. PSYCH-K uses self-empowering techniques to change your beliefs and perception that impacts your life. PSYCH-K is a spiritual process with psychological benefits.

The Core Ideas of PSYCH-K ®


Although no one can claim for sure what it is, I see it as space in between two ideas, where we can experience the life we comprehend, in addition to what we can not describe. It is the energy within when we are serene, and our mind has gone more in-depth than our daily human experience. We are being, instead of doing. We are connected to our real self, beyond ego, in the presence of something unique and sacred.

Superconscious Mind:

The Superconscious Mind is additional to your Conscious Mind or Greater Self, or Soul. Our link to instinct originates from the Superconscious. It is your Superconscious that sees the larger image and guides you in making specific choices that turn into your goals. These are Risk-Free and appropriate in the context of your life’s function.

Your Superconscious resembles a caring trainer who watches over your development and growth. Any effort to mentally increase your consciousness establishes a vital bridge between spirituality and psychology. PSYCH-K uses a style that blends the two techniques of seeing life.

Conscious Mind:

This mind is our choice/decision making mind. It develops various ideas along with judges each outcome. Often, all that is needed to change a belief is to be more consciously aware, and also to have a strong desire to have a new belief in the old one’s location. PSYCH-K can help with this procedure.

Subconscious Mind:

Likewise called our habitual mind.
It keeps track of the operation of the body’s motor functions, heart rate, and digestion, among others. It holds our long-lasting memories, past experiences, a frame of minds, worths as well as ideas. It just knows the world only via the five senses which are: visual (seeing), auditory (hearing), kinesthetic (sensation), gustatory (tasting), as well as Olfactory (smelling).

That’s why the most effective communication with the subconscious is achieved by utilising numerous of these senses. During a PSYCH-K session, we typically use a procedure that engages these senses, to create the change you want. PSYCH-K makes it faster and easier.

The Subconscious Mind thinks literally, rather than abstract. Repeating an affirmation, such as “I am worthy,” which is an abstract declaration to the Subconscious Mind, it’s often not almost sufficient to produce a lasting modification in your belief system. Let’s say you want to alter your ideas of a past event or create a new thought. You will require to specify the energy that surrounds that thought in regards to the five senses, after that, your subconscious will have the capability to incorporate a new meaning to past, existing or a future occasion.

Integrating The Three Minds:

A good trainee constantly seeks to master the understanding from their teacher. It’s in the same way that your conscious mind requires to find out how to incorporate the learnings of the Superconscious mind; for that reason, the Subconscious Mind will then develop what is called the combined consciousness. When you enter this highly conscious however natural state, the very best possible actions then end up being automated, the act of will and your intuition all wrapped in one.

Neuro-Science and Split-Brain Research: During the last thirty years scientists have found something called “Brain Dominance” Theory, (called split-brain research study). These findings suggest that each hemisphere of the cerebral cortex will tend to specialise in and preside over different functions; it then processes different type of details to handle all the various memories.

Hemispheres of the Brain

Left Brain:

Logical, Analytical & Reasoning Thinks in regards to words; then there is time-bound. Extroverted, in addition to Orderly and managed.

Right Brain:

Is emotional and Intuitive. It is likewise Creative and believes in photos, its time complimentary, shy in addition to being spontaneous and free.

Life experiences, primarily terrible ones, can frequently trigger the supremacy of one side compared to the other when it is responding to situations that resemble a particularly psychological occasion from the past. Although we naturally manage both sides of the brain at the same time, the more mentally charged the experience, the most likely we will tend to automatically over-identify with only one hemisphere of the brain when we become confronted with similar life experiences.

The most significant issue is that individuals understand their conscious beliefs and behaviours, but not of subconscious beliefs and actions. Your subconscious beliefs are working for you, or against you, however, the fact is that you are not controlling your life it’s your Subconscious Mind that supersedes all your conscious control.

PSYCH-K uses strategies that exceed affirmations. With PSYCH-K, you will power your positive thinking. It is our core beliefs that identify our behaviour. The most effective way to start changing behaviour is to alter the belief you have that supports it. Utilising muscle testing we interact with the subconscious mind, we then establish a connection, to change the present negative belief into the belief that is encouraging and will create the most favourable outcomes you select.

PSYCH-K Balances

The Balance.

The PSYCH-K balance is a procedure created to develop the Whole-Brain State, PSYCH-K then becomes perfect for reprogramming your mind with brand-new life-enhancing belief patterns, lowering your undesirable stress and assists you get to your full capacity?

PSYCH-K & Muscle Testing

Self Muscle Testing

Facilitator Muscle Testing

Whole Brain State

Whole Brain:

Research shows PSYCH-K creates the Whole-Brain State, which in turn ends up being a sort of “gateway to your greater consciousness,” then elevating your ability to think plainly at these new levels of functionality or creativity. Psych-K will increase the “cross-talk” in between your two brain hemispheres hence leading to what we call whole-brain combination.


Is a process utilised in PSYCH-K that develops an energy link in between the Superconscious minds of the facilitator and after that the customer? Consent procedures are used and put in place before this work is carried out to guarantee it’s safe, considerate. There is a noninvasive interaction between the facilitator (the surrogate) and the customer. It is a bit like making a telephone call between two Superconscious minds. There is never any agenda; only the intent for the highest wellbeing from both parties throughout a session. As the facilitator, whether I am dealing with the client face to face or resolving range on the customer’s behalf, consent for muscle testing is done to ensure right interaction at all times with the customer’s subconscious beliefs.

Aligning your thoughts and actions: PSYCH-K can offer a variety of safe methods to “rewrite the patterns in your mind” this is done by changing the beliefs that are limiting you, into just beliefs that will support you … with ease and simpleness!

Using Balances as a method to change Trauma or Distress: This Balance can be used as a way to change somebody’s unpleasant childhood events if they continue to cause trauma or anxiety. If the desire is to repair an uncomfortable memory or get rid of any emotional triggers, we do this in an experiential process, so to create brand-new meaning within a Whole-Brain State. It can be beneficial for any past, present and even future occasion that is triggering you to fear and anxiety or even absence of movement throughout your life. It is such an excellent procedure to put your past behind you graciously!

You are utilising PSYCH-K belief Statements to Create a New Belief or Goal: Using a wide variety of balances that are readily available to alter your self- limiting belief and your self-sabotaging behaviour and turning it into a positive belief or action that you would experience rather. As soon as the interaction is developed using the process of muscle testing, a clear intent can be produced to cause the necessary modification in a ‘Whole Brain State’.

Belief Balances

The PSYCH-K Core Belief Balance:

The PSYCH-K Core Belief Balance lets you discover and change your ‘core beliefs’ that are obstructing you from reaching your best objectives. There are thirteen sets of belief statements in PSYCH-K that each represents a standard, crucial issues such as self-love or forgiveness, or your connection to Divine Intelligence. In helping with the client’s Superconscious and Subconscious mind through the surrogation strategy, long-held and self-limiting beliefs can be identified and balanced, and are then replaced with self-enhancing beliefs.

How Long Does It Take For the PSYCH-K Balances to Work?

The outcomes of a PSYCH-K balance might be felt immediately, or they can evolve, it depends upon the type of objective you have been dealing with. Some things we balance take longer for them to manifest. It is essential to bear in mind that, in addition to balancing, you require to take the action steps towards developing the outcomes you wish to get in your life. If, for instance, you decide to balance for self-confidence in building a new business that pays and satisfying, then you would need to engage in tasks that make a successful company. Item advancement, internet marketing, even networking, might be necessary to attain that objective.

Another excellent example might be stabilising a health-related concern. While balancing can help you reduce the tension and internal dispute that might be supporting the existence of the dis-ease in parts of your body, it is necessary to take all the appropriate physical steps to help your body to heal itself. e.g. medical processes, diet plan, exercise, or perhaps rest.

The clarity and meaningfulness of these balances will be more crucial in making significant modifications in your life compared to the number of balances you do. It’s the quality that is more important than the quantity. Potential with action will equate to outcomes.

What is The Length Of Time A Balance Will Last?

PSYCH-K Balances seem to last until they become no longer useful for the Subconscious Mind, or often until you decide its time to balance for a new goal. Life is continuously an evolutionary procedure, so what you balance in the meantime in your life might be unsuitable at a later time.

Bear in mind that life itself will always advise us when it is time to make changes to some aspect of our truth. Regrettably, this reminder can frequently take the form of injury or another mentally charged situation for it to get your attention. PSYCH-K allows you to consciously determine crucial modifications to your life through ease and versatility.

If you find yourself re-creating behaviours and thoughts that you formerly stabilised for to change, it is beneficial to ask yourself, “What benefit will I acquire from these old thoughts and behaviours?” When we ask ourselves this concern and consider it honestly and truthfully, the outcome is usually rather revealing.

Further PSYCH-K Balances.

You may need to do more PSYCH-K balances that consider a ‘secondary gain benefit’, that leads to the symptom of the old behaviours or scenario.