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Mind Massage gift vouchers are available in flexible amounts, or you can enter your preferred amount. Vouchers can be redeemed for online sessions or in-clinic sessions at any Norwest Wellbeing locations. Gift vouchers are delivered instantly by email to you or the recipient

Give a unique and special gift to someone you love and care about today.


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Your thoughts, emotional wellbeing and mental health, are too important to hand over to just anyone. Our vast experience and clinical services make Mind Massage by Norwest Wellbeing the preferred choice in clinical hypnotherapy. Experience it for yourself today!

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Based on 4 Reviews

Hands down the best purchase I've made in quite some time!

The audio sessions are amazing. They are very clear, concise with a lot of valuable information. It helped me a lot from the very first session.

The sessions are superb.

The sessions are superb. I like being able to login and listen if i don't have the downloadable file handy. Great Idea and the Mind Massage sessions have done so far have helped a lot.

I've been struggling with anxiety for a long time

I found this to be a perfect solution. It's great that i could download the audio sessions as well access it all online and watch the videos to help you understand the content more. The amount of detail within each session is amazing!


I just listened to the gift of love which was one of the free sessions. So relaxing.

The world is full of too much stress, worry and the need to deal with everything instantly. It means our minds don’t get enough downtime. Mind Massage by Norwest Wellbeing brings you the best of all our clinical services in one place. Your place!

There are Mind massage sessions to help you make a change and relaxation sessions if you’d like to unwind at the end of a busy day.
A private and secure community where you can learn, share or continue the conversation.

So whatever the reason is that you arrived here today, I hope you enjoy Mind Massage by Norwest Wellbeing.

Paul Smith - Clinical Hypnotherapist

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