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Sydney's best, clinical hypnotherapy reviews

Norwest Wellbeing is an established clinic offering hypnotherapy and psychotherapy services in Norwest, The Hills & Sydney. The clinic takes a holistic approach to health and well-being. Experienced clinical hypnotherapists Rebecca and Paul Smith provide various services, including psychotherapy, self-hypnosis, Mind Massage and hypnotherapy training.

The centre focuses on weight loss, relationships, stress, anxiety, Quit smoking hypnosis and personal growth. With a vast amount of 5 start hypnotherapy reviews, Norwest Wellbeing has successfully helped people with weight loss, quitting smoking, anxiety, sleep disorders, mindset, performance and personal growth.

Norwest Wellbeing has a strong social media presence, engaging followers through informative posts, videos, and articles. Norwest Wellbeing prioritizes accessibility and compliance, adhering to WCAG 2.1 at the AA level and offering different accessibility modes online and in-clinic.

If you would like to know more about Norwest Wellbeings clinic, contact Norwest Wellbeing for inquiries or feedback, with contact details on their website and a free call-back option for further assistance.

Hypnotherapy Reviews

Hypnotherapy Reviews - Rebecca Smith

Rebecca Smith - Clinical Hypnotherapist

Rebecca is an experienced counsellor and clinical hypnotherapist with more than ten years of experience in the mental health industry.

Rebecca is also one of Sydney’s preferred PSYCH-K Centre International Facilitators, with advanced, master and health & wellbeing certifications.  

Rebecca’s extensive knowledge of weight loss, relationships and stress-related issues bring a unique level of understanding to how our limiting beliefs can hold us back from great happiness and success.

Paul Smith Hypnotherapy Reviews

Paul Smith - Clinical Hypnotherapist

Paul Smith is an experienced clinical hypnotherapist, strategic psychotherapist and business consultant.

clinical specialist in treating anxiety, sleep, behaviour and self-esteem issues. He is passionate about assisting others to improve their lives through therapy, teaching, and consulting.

Paul also has over 25 years of experience as a technical business analyst and consultant. He has helped thousands of clients, business owners and start-ups create wealth through process, efficiency, and mindset optimisation.

Based on 53 Reviews

Thanku Mr Paul, you are life saving person! I feel much better since I had my first session with you ! My experience is great with him ,I highly recommend his service. Thanku Mr Paul 🙏

Paul is incredible!! My daughter experienced a health trauma that effected her entire well being. She suffered from depression and a loss of confidence in all areas of her life, in particular in her sport that she plays at a high level. After only a few sessions with Paul, my daughter overcame her trauma and went back to her happy self. It’s great to see her using the tools she learnt with Paul to take on any obstacle she faces with confidence again. Thanks again Paul!

Paul was very professional and was amazing in helping my 15 year old Daughter with her anxiety and other health issues. I've seen a huge change in both her demeanour and health issues since seeing Paul after just 1 visit. Very highly recommended

Had two sessions of psyche-k with Rebecca and they seem to have made a tremendous effect on my focus and discipline. Couldn’t recommend it enough

My two sessions with Paul have been a game changer. I'm very thankful for the results and I can definitely recommend people to try it themselves.

I had the session booked for my son for his gut issues. Results were awesome. Really appreciate his professionalism . Highly recommend.

I just had a session with Paul, the experience was beautiful, he was extremely professional, knowledgeable and understanding. I really have never had an experience like this and I highly recommend. I feel the overall benefit too my physical , mental and emotional well-being almost instantly. Thankyou

Rebecca is the nicest lady you will ever meet so I highly recommend to visit Norwest Wellbeing Centre if you seek help in any life struggle. I personaly came in with one goal but received back so much more so Rebecca doing this review and saying thank you is not enough for what you do for others. Lots of love from my whole family

100% recommended! Paul goes beyond ‘managing’ issues, but understanding why is that we have these issues in the first place, acknowledge them and leave them where they belong, in the past, so we can move forward without the extra baggage.