Rebecca has created such a beautiful and relaxing space. My session was wonderful, and I will be booking again instead of living with beliefs that can easily be changed.



PSYCH-K is a Simple & Effective way to change Subconscious Beliefs

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PSYCH-K is a simple, powerful & effective way to change subconscious beliefs

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Great feedback from our customers.

Tracey Ward
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With Rebecca in just one session I cleared numerous limiting beliefs that I had struggled in letting go. Well worth the investment, just book a session and then get back to the free unlimited life you deserve!
Kate Ball
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I had a wonderful and deceptively powerful experience. I experienced tangible results in terms of appetite and satiety. I feel hopeful that my body is now responding in a more normal way in terms of food
Lauren Aucamp
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Felt shifts in mindset instantly after the session. Loved working with Rebecca and am excited to see how I change in the next few weeks

A Healthier, happier, more confident you


PSYCH-K is a simple process that uses the science of epigenetics. Self-limiting beliefs can be released and transformed no matter how long they have been present in your life. By installing, reinforcing, and refining new beliefs, you create a whole new program in your subconscious mind. The new neural pathways in your brain create a new, improved version of your life.

PSYCH-K® can work differently for different people. Individuals are facilitated in achieving their life goals through this multi-functional and multi-disciplinary process.

PSYCH-K® sessions help you identify and transform subconscious beliefs/programs that are holding you back from reaching your desired outcome. The PSYCH-K® Facilitator will help you define your current situation or condition and then transform those beliefs/programs.

The PSYCH-K® process is strictly limited to modifying beliefs. It’s purpose is to engage using the mind/body’s natural self-healing processes to complement, not replace, usual, customary treatment.
A qualified medical practitioner should provide reasonable medical treatment and medical care. PSYCH-K® does not treat, heal, or cure any illness or disease. Whether chronic or acute, physical disability, medical problem, or mental illness. PSYCH-K® is not intended to replace appropriate medical attention or professional mental health care. PSYCH-K® does not provide medical advice and cannot be treated as such.