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Types of PSYCH-K balances and techniques

Vak to the Future

This balance uses Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic processes to help become “whole brained” to communicate with your subconscious mind. The majority of what we hold to be true is stored below the level of our conscious awareness in our powerful subconscious mind.

New Direction & Resolution Balance

These two PSYCH-K® balances are used to change self-limiting beliefs to self-empowering beliefs. Processes like this go beyond the power of intention, affirmations, positive thinking and will power, for lasting change.

Belief Points with Energy Focusing

Points on the body match certain belief statements that coincide with limiting and empowering beliefs. Using Energy Focusing to direct attention and intention towards a specific goal. This combination is an efficient and effective tool for accessing the power to create change.

Core Belief Balance

This balance helps discover and change “core beliefs” which are imprinted from early childhood that could be blocking you from achieving your desired life goals.

Stress Relief Process

This balance helps relieve stress or negative emotions around any situation that is either current or has happened in the past, this process purely releases the stress from the system without erasing the memory.

Relationship Balance

This balance is designed to deepen the understanding between 2 people by identifying and transforming the issues that challenge them. This can be between any 2 individuals, present or not. (including a pet)

Life Bonding Balance

Both the “trauma of birth” and the “fear of death” are 2 powerful aspects of human existence. This balance transforms any conscious or subconscious stress associated with this.

Rapport Balance

This balance strengthens communication and learning, helping improve visual, auditory and kinesthetic thinking. Rapport is the foundation for all effective communication, inhancing better understandings with all relationships.


This process allows a balance to be done with someone who cannot participate directly, always with the permission of his or her Higher Self. It could include someone physically incapacitated, too young, absent, animals etc.

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