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Norwest Wellbeing COVID Information

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    Updated: 10th October 2021

    COVID 19 vaccination requirements

    Norwest Wellbeing believes in inclusivity and the right to make choices that match your beliefs, whatever they may be. As mental health care providers, It is not a legal requirement to be vaccinated as part of a condition of entry into our premises. We consider ourselves fortunate to assist clients with mental health issues regardless of beliefs or medical situation.

    All our staff are fully vaccinated to assist our clients by adding another possible layer of protection into our COVID safe plan. Our clinic is open, and you are welcome to book online or by calling our client services team on 1300 138 366


    A COVID safe practice

    Norwest Wellbeing is a provider of mental health services during this pandemic and lockdown.
    Our practice is COVID safe, with every possible precaution and guideline from NSW health being strictly adhered to.
    The clinic undergoes cleaning at the start and end of each day, between clients and any other time required.
    Our clinical rooms are large and comply generously with the required sqm rules.
    If you have further questions, please contact client services on 1300 138 366

    Availability during lockdown

    Norwest Wellbeing is operating at full capacity to help as many people as possible during this difficult time.
    Face-to-face sessions, in clinic and online sessions via zoom are available during our standard business hours of 10 am to 6 pm.
    Bookings can be made online or by calling client services on: 1300 138 366

    Norwest Wellbeing classification during lockdown

    Norwest Wellbeing is permitted to stay open under the public health order.
    Norwest Wellbeing follows the rules in place set by the NSW Government, including but not limited to:

    Authorised workers

    Norwest Wellbeing employees are authorised to see clients under item number 1. Sector 5. 

    Norwest Wellbeing is a provider of:

    • Psychotherapy
    • Clinical hypnotherapy
    • Sexual abuse counselling
    • General counselling
    • Mental health services.

    A reasonable excuse to leave home

    Within the category of “Other reasonable excuses“,
    A reasonable excuse, among other reasons but specifically applying to Norwest Wellbeing, is if you need to:
    “Access social services, employment services, services provided to victims (including as victims of crime), domestic violence services, and mental health services”.
    As a provider of social services, domestic violence services and mental health services, it is important that the current lockdown does not impact your access seeking help.

    Travelling to Norwest Wellbeing

    NSW Police have confirmed that if you are travelling to a booked appointment, you should carry or be able to produce your booking confirmation for the appointment you are attending.  All bookings send a confirmation with Norwest Wellbeing’s address, time and date of appointment and practitioner name. 

    Norwest Wellbeing advises clients to check with local authorities incase the situation changes in your area and remember you must carry proof of your address with you.

    Further information

    Norwest Wellbeing provides this information as a guide only. You should always do your own due diligence. While the information on the page is correct at the time of writing, in the current pandemic, situations may change suddenly; therefore, we recommend checking the facts from NSW health or the NSW Government website or Service NSW.