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Take Back Control Of Your Drinking Habits With Ease

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Whether you want to quit drinking entirely or enjoy it more responsibly — our professional hypnotherapy sessions offer a fast, effective and achievable solution. We do this by resetting the subconscious triggers, beliefs and patterns holding you back. This helps minimise your withdrawals, cravings and impulses. So that you can easily regain control and live a healthier, more responsible life in no time.

Take Back Control Of Your Drinking

One Session Could Be All It Takes.

We Help You Tackle Your Subconscious

To Overcome Your Impulses With Ease.

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Drinking triggers

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Meet Your Clinical Hypnotherapists

Paul Smith, Clinical Hypnotherapist. Specialist In Hypnotherapy And Hypnosis In Norwest, Sydney

Paul Smith

Cinical Hypnotherapist

We empower you to reshape your thoughts and regain control.

“Being trapped in your own mind can be daunting, but it’s the limiting beliefs holding you back, not you. Change is a journey. With the right guidance, you can overcome these patterns. Let’s work together to achieve lasting transformation.”

Paul Smith | Co-Owner | Clinical Hypnotherapist

Paul Smith

A Clear, Easy Pathway to a Drink Free Life.

“Imagine waking up free of hangovers, frustration, guilt, and health concerns. It may seem impossible, but by targeting the beliefs that fuel your drinking, my approach paves a clear path to freedom. With reduced triggers and cravings, quitting becomes easier.”

Rebecca Smith | Co-Owner | Clinical Hypnotherapist

Rebecca Smith

Rebecca Smith - Clinical Hypnotherapist Sydney

Rebecca Smith

Cinical Hypnotherapist

How Can Hypnotherapy

Help You Control Drinking?

Ready to Take Back Control?

Colleen C

Smoke-free for one year

After being smoke-free for one year, I am still amazed that I do not crave cigarettes. Since I had been smoking for over 20 years, I never thought I'd be able to give up because I believed I was destined to smoke for the rest of my life. I decided to contact Paul to find out more. The experience was truly amazing, and I cannot say enough good things about Paul and his methods.

Olivia D

Life is Better!

Paul’s approach is highly effective. I’ve managed to quit smoking after the first session, and the follow-up support has been fantastic.

Kyle S

All I regret is not taking action earlier to quit.

Paul has helped me quit smoking for over three months now. For 15 years, I smoked a pack a day and had tried to stop numerous times without success. After the session, I haven't wanted to smoke, and I received some awful news, which usually triggers me to light up, but I haven't. I've been sleeping better, feeling better overall, and am feeling more energetic than I have in a long time. All I regret is not taking action earlier to quit. I really appreciate your help, Paul.

Kyle S

All I regret is not taking action earlier.

Paul has helped me quit smoking for over three months now. For 15 years, I smoked a pack a day and had tried to stop numerous times without success. After the session, I haven't wanted to smoke, and I received some awful news, which usually triggers me to light up, but I haven't. I've been sleeping better, feeling better overall, and am feeling more energetic than I have in a long time. All I regret is not taking action earlier. I really appreciate your help, Paul.

Ryan L

Amazing Transformation!

Paul’s method is simply amazing. I quit smoking after the first session and haven’t looked back since. My health has improved dramatically.


You really can teach an old dog new tricks

I have been smoking for over 40 years and have tried so many times to stop. My wife was seeing Paul and suggested I give it a go. Well, it's been a couple of weeks now since the session, and I haven't had a smoke since. You really can teach an old dog new tricks 😉  


Learn Just How Much You Could Save

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Quit Drinking In Just 3 Easy Steps

Ready to Take Back Control?

Addiction Isn't Just to Alcohol; It's to Filling a Void.

Contrary to popular belief, addiction isn’t just about the substance—it’s driven by underlying psychological issues.

This is why Hypnotherapy is such a powerful solution – because it reprograms the subconscious to foster a sense of wholeness.

Which helps individuals overcome impulses and cravings – to achieve lasting recovery with ease.

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Regain Control of Your Drinking
In as Little as 1 Session

At our premier clinic, we've successfully assisted thousands of clients in regaining control of their drinking habits or achieving complete sobriety in just 2 to 3 sessions. Our clinically proven hypnotherapy techniques target the root causes and reprogram the subconscious mind for enduring, transformative results.

Eric G

Worked first go

If you want to quit smoking, the quit smoking at home session was a great option. I found that it worked well for me, and it was a lot easier than trying to quit cold turkey. I would recommend giving it a try if you want to quit smoking.

George L

Unbelievable Results

Paul's method provided unbelievable results. I haven’t smoked in over six months and I feel incredibly proud and healthy. Thank you so much, Paul!

Olivia J

Feeling Great!

Thanks to Paul, I have a new beginning. I quit smoking easily and have never felt better.

Laura C


Quitting smoking with Rebecca’s help was a life-transforming experience. Her hypnotherapy methods are effective and easy to follow. I highly recommend her services.

Ryan H

Amazing Therapy!

I never thought I’d be able to quit smoking, but Rebecca made it possible. Her hypnotherapy sessions are amazing, and I’m smoke-free now.

Emma T

Feeling Empowered!

Rebecca’s hypnotherapy is simply amazing. I’ve been smoke-free for months now and feel great. Thank you, Rebecca!

Frequently Asked Questions

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1. Hypnosis is more than three times as effective as nicotine patches: A meta-analysis that combined results from more than 600 studies involving 72,000 participants found that hypnosis was over three times more effective than nicotine replacement therapy (such as patches) for smoking cessation. This large-scale study highlights the significant advantage of using hypnosis to quit smoking compared to traditional nicotine replacement methods (NYC Hypnosis Center) (NCandHC).
86% quit smoking after six months with hypnosis: A study published in “Complementary Therapies in Medicine” reported that participants who underwent hypnosis for smoking cessation had an 86% success rate after six months. This indicates a strong long-term effectiveness of hypnosis in helping individuals quit smoking and stay smoke-free over an extended period (JohnMongiovi) (NCandHC).

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