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Paul Smith Clinical Hypnotherapist Sydney

Paul Smith Clinical Hypnotherapist Sydney

Empowering Your Inner Strength: Overcoming Low Self-Esteem

Table of Contents: Empowering Your Inner Strength: Overcoming Low Self-Esteem
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    Low Self-Esteem
    Unleash Your Worth: Hypnosis For Self-Esteem

    Low self esteem can have a serious impact on our lives, and it’s important to be aware of the signs.

    It’s not always easy to identify low self-esteem, as it may manifest in different ways.

    Commonly seen signs include negative self-talk, feelings of worthlessness, and a tendency to blame oneself for things that go wrong.

    In this article, we’ll explore these symptoms and discuss how they can affect our relationships, productivity and physical and mental health.

    We’ll also look at some strategies for improving our sense of self-worth so that we can lead more fulfilling lives.

    Negative self-talk can lead to low self-esteem.

    Negative self-talk can be harmful and stressful, and if left unchecked, it can lead to decreased motivation, feelings of helplessness, and, ultimately, low self-esteem.

    Negative beliefs about oneself can manifest in many forms, such as catastrophizing or blaming oneself for perceived failures. Such self-criticism can take a toll on one’s sense of self-worth and further erode their confidence.

    Low self-esteem has been linked to depression and other mental health issues, as well as problems with relationships, work/school performance, body image issues, and even physical health problems such as depression or anxiety.

    It’s important to address negative thoughts before they spiral out of control. Strategies such as challenging negative thoughts or replacing them with something more encouraging may help curb the effects of negative self-talk on one’s overall well-being.

    Emotional Symptoms of low self-esteem

    You may find yourself feeling overwhelmed with feelings of sadness, shame, or worthlessness. These emotional symptoms can be indicative of low self-esteem, and the causes vary depending on the individual; they can range from experiences in early childhood to unhelpful messages on social media. Such feelings can have serious implications for mental health and lead to various depressive symptoms such as:

    • Low mood
    • Loss of interest in activities once enjoyed
    • Feelings of guilt
    • Social withdrawal
    • Anxiety
    • Panic attacks
    • Restlessness
    • Irritability
    • Physical symptoms such as headaches or fatigue.

    Low self-esteem is a complex issue that needs to be addressed in order for individuals to achieve their full potential. It is important to identify the underlying causes and work towards overcoming them through mindset and behaviour changes. This can include challenging negative thoughts, focusing on strengths, celebrating small achievements, and engaging in enjoyable activities.

    There are also many resources available where people can seek help if needed.

    Causes and Triggers of low self-esteem

    Experiencing various difficult life events can lead to a decline in how you think about yourself and the value you place on yourself. Low self esteem is associated with several causes, such as an unhappy childhood, ongoing medical problems, poor academic performance, stressful life events, mental illness, and poor treatment from others.

    These situations can create unhelpful messages that lead to negative self-talk and feelings of worthlessness or sadness. Low self-esteem has serious consequences, including difficulties in relationships and body image issues.

    It is important to identify the triggers of low self-esteem and make changes where possible in order to improve one’s sense of self-worth. Professional help may be needed in cases of underlying emotional issues that cause of what is low self esteem.

    Effects on Relationships

    Having low self-worth can negatively impact your relationships, often making it difficult to connect and express yourself authentically. People with low self-esteem may take feedback or requests personally, leading to sensitivity and arguments, as well as feelings of jealousy and insecurity.

    These effects can manifest in a number of ways, from difficulty in communication to problems with trust. It’s important for those struggling with their self-confidence to reach out for help from a mental health professional like a clinical hypnotherapist, a psychologist or a counsellor who can help them work through the issues they are facing.

    With the right support, individuals can learn how to build healthy relationships while also improving their own self-esteem and confidence.

    The relation between Self-Esteem and Productivity

    The correlation between self-worth and productivity in higher education institutions can have a major impact on the overall success of an institution. The study conducted by the Rey Juan Carlos University of Madrid identified a positive correlation between Self-Esteem and Productivity, with significant differences observed depending on the age and seniority of the teaching staff.

    Low self-esteem can lead to mental and physical health issues, such as depression, anxiety, substance abuse, relationship difficulties, problems at work/school, body image issues etc., that may affect productivity in the workplace.

    There are several ways to improve low self-esteem, such as focusing on strengths; celebrating small achievements; challenging negative thoughts; making changes where possible; avoiding perfectionism; being kind to oneself; engaging in enjoyable activities; surrounding oneself with supportive people; volunteering or exercising.

    Moreover, there are several resources available for seeking help, including MindSpot, Beyond Blue, Black Dog Institute and many more.

    Investment in quality education is key to achieving upward socioeconomic mobility and getting out of poverty, as indicated by the UN’s 2030 Agenda. Thus it is important for universities to develop action plans to improve the Self-Esteem and Productivity of their employees for better educational outcomes.

    Physical and Mental Health Consequences

    You may suffer physical and mental health consequences due to a lack of self-worth. Low self-esteem can have a direct impact on both our physical and mental health.

    It can lead to issues like depression, anxiety, eating disorders, social phobia, ADHD, substance abuse and more. Clinical psychologists believe that the long-term psychological effects of low self-esteem can cause physical illnesses such as heart disease or diabetes.

    People with low self-esteem may neglect their own needs for health care or relaxation activities, leading them to be more prone to illness. It’s important to remember that these conditions aren’t inevitable if you’re struggling with low self-esteem; there are many resources available online or through clinical hypnotherapists which provide help in improving self-esteem and managing related mental health conditions.

    Raising Low Self-Esteem

    Feeling down about yourself can seem like a never-ending cycle, but there are ways to raise your self-worth and create positive changes in your life. Self-esteem is an individual’s opinion of themselves, and when it’s low, the effects can be damaging to both physical and mental health. Building one’s self-esteem requires hard work and dedication, but the end result of feeling better about oneself is worth the effort.

    There are various techniques that can help with raising low self-esteem. Identifying and challenging negative beliefs, recognizing accomplishments, being kind to oneself, setting achievable goals, avoiding perfectionism, engaging in enjoyable activities, forming positive relationships and seeking support from professionals are all important steps to take towards improving self-worth.

    Identifying & Challenging Negative BeliefsEnhances understanding of own thoughts & feelings. Helps recognize unhelpful cognitive patterns.
    Paves the way for more adaptive thinking.
    Can be difficult or overwhelming at times.
    Requires commitment & patience.
    Recognising Accomplishments

    Acknowledging successes boosts confidence. Celebrating achievements leads to increased motivation.
    Helps build a “growth” mindset

    Prone to overlooking small wins
    Too much focus on comparison with others
    Being Kind To Oneself

    Establishes trust within oneself
    Promotes acceptance of “imperfections.”
    Helps develop a sense of belonging

    Easier said than done
    Requires practice & consistency
    Setting Achievable GoalsEncourages goal-directed behaviour
    Boosts satisfaction by achieving objectives.
    Increases confidence & ambition.
    Risk of setting unrealistic expectations Possibility of feeling overwhelmed by multiple tasks

    Low Self-esteem FAQ

    What is low self-esteem?

    Low self-esteem refers to a negative perception of oneself, where the person may feel inadequate, incapable and less deserving than others. It is a subjective feeling that can adversely affect one’s mental and physical health.

    What are the signs of low self-esteem?

    The signs of low self-esteem may manifest differently in individuals. Some of the common signs may include negative self-talk, a lack of confidence, self-doubt, and a tendency to seek others’ approval. The person may also avoid social situations, experience constant anxiety and have difficulties accepting compliments.

    What causes low self-esteem?

    The causes of low self-esteem are multifaceted and may involve a combination of nature and nurture. Some of the common causes include a traumatic experience, negative feedback, neglect or abuse, and parental overprotection. Poor academic performance, social rejection, and negative body image can also contribute to low self-esteem.

    How can low self-esteem affect mental and physical health?

    Low self-esteem can have a negative impact on an individual’s mental and physical health. People with low self-esteem may experience depression, anxiety, stress, and self-harming behaviours. They may also be at higher risk for eating disorders and substance abuse. Negative beliefs about oneself can also lead to physical health problems such as chronic pain and fatigue.

    What are core beliefs in low self-esteem?

    Core beliefs are deeply ingrained patterns of thinking that may influence an individual’s perception of themselves and the world. People with low self-esteem may hold negative core beliefs that reinforce their negative self-image. Common negative core beliefs include perfectionism, worthlessness, and inadequacy.

    How can you improve your self-esteem?

    Improving low self-esteem may involve a combination of psychological interventions and self-help strategies. Some of the effective ways to improve self-esteem include engaging in self-care activities, setting achievable goals, and practising self-compassion. Cognitive-behavioural therapy, Clinical Hypnotherapy, mindfulness, and positive affirmations can also help promote a healthy self-image.

    When should I consider talking to a health professional?

    If low self-esteem is affecting your daily life, relationships, and overall well-being, you may consider talking to a mental health professional. A clinical hypnotherapist or psychotherapist can provide support and guidance and help you develop effective coping strategies. A mental health professional can help you identify unhelpful thinking patterns and work on building healthier core beliefs and behaviours.

    What are the consequences of ignoring low self-esteem?

    Ignoring low self-esteem can lead to negative consequences in the long run. It may lead to the development of mental and physical health problems such as depression, anxiety, and substance abuse. It may


    Low self-esteem can have a serious impact on our lives, but it doesn’t have to define us. By understanding the signs of low self-esteem and taking steps to address them, we can work towards improving our mental and physical health.

    Seeking help from friends, family members, or professionals is an important step in restoring one’s sense of worthiness and belonging. With the right support and dedication, everyone has the potential to lead a happy and fulfilling life.

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    Changing my life one step at a time

    I highly recommend Paul at Norwest Wellbeing. We did an initial consult over the phone so he could assess whether the program would be a good fit for my issue. After one full session I could already feel a shift in my subconscious and the way I was viewing things. Changing my life one step at a time. Definitely give Paul a call.

    Sonia S

    Pregnancy Hypnosis

    I had my appointment with my Obstetrician on Tuesday. While I still had a bit of anxiety, I was able to use the tactics to calm myself down. It really helped. My blood pressure had an improvement and partner said I looked so much calmer. I’m listening to the recording before I go to bed. I’m really positive that I will only get better, and I will have resources to help me while I’m in hospital having my baby. Thank you so much.


    Feel Better

    If you want to feel better it’s as simple as this, book an appointment and see Paul after just one session he fixed a problem that has resurfaced a number of times through out my life. I’m so glad I found him.

    Amanda Q

    Important investment in my future health

    My experience with Paul was exactly what I had hoped for. It was about getting my mind right to deal with my issues. Paul did that from the first session and then reinforced that in subsequent sessions. I have made great progress and although I still have a way to go, I am encouraged and motivated by the fact that I am already, within a few months, halfway to my objective. The hard part is done, taking the first steps, & I'm confident that the work Paul has done sets me up for continued success. I regard this as an important investment in my future health

    Ray S

    Would recommend his services to everyone

    Paul is sincere and logical. His approach is both warm and no nonsense. I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing Paul and would recommend his services to everyone

    Sarah C

    Transformed my life to positive

    I have gone through so much in my life. I had nowhere to turn to. Paul was the best thing for me and transformed my life to positive. He helped me through my problems. I recommend Paul and his team to everyone. It was the best thing I ever did. I'd like to take this opportunity and thank Paul. I can't thank you enough for everything you have done for me. You were the best thing in my life. Thank you

    Viki D


    I have struggled with my weight my whole life. Always doing this fad diet or anything suggested to lose weight quickly. I would lose then go back to old habits and put the weight back on and some. Finally at 48 I realised nothing was going to change until I changed my thoughts on food. Straight after the first session I could see a difference. Smaller portions, eating less times throughout the day and making healthier choices without any effort, it was just happening. I still have wine on weekends/when socialising and if the family is having hot chips I have them and enjoy without beating myself up for having a ‘forbidden’ food. I cannot recommend Paul from Norwest Wellbeing enough. He has given me the tools to make a change for life.

    Nichole I

    Body Confidence

    I went to Paul about my eating disorder and over a few sessions I have been able to overcome my eating habit to the point where it does not cross my mind anymore and I have a boosted body confidence as well. I highly recommend Paul for any issue because he works hard to understand and help you tackle what ever you are dealing with.


    Lightbulb within my mind

    Having Paul walk me through various hypnotherapy techniques, in a very calm and down to earth manner allowed for fear blockers to be removed instantaneously. I walked out of the session feeling a huge sigh of relief and breakthrough. It was like the lighbulb within my mind was in tune to all of the limiting beliefs that I had allowed myself to carry throughout the years. It is a wise and valuable investment to make with your time and money. I highly recommend Paul for anyone looking to break free of their mental limitations!

    Julia R

    Highly Recommended

    I HIGHLY RECOMMENED Norwest Wellbeing!! I started seeing Paul a couple of months ago now and I am amazed at how much my quality of life has changed. I went into the initial session a little skeptical as to whether Hypnosis would work for me but after the very first session i felt like a new and better version of myself! I had seen a counsellor before, i had been on medication for a couple of years and none of that seemed to work. Paul made me feel very comfortable and i loved that he explained the process as we were going. I wish I had found Paul sooner!

    Ashleigh M

    A professional and caring experience

    I was ready to make a lasting change and my session with Paul really bought home what I knew I needed to do. A professional and caring experience and I highly recommend it.

    Peta E

    Self esteem & confidence

    I seen Paul for the first time a couple of weeks ago and I can not recommend him enough! I am feeling so much better within myself after just the first session. Can not wait to go back and continue to improve my self esteem & confidence.

    Emily C

    Highly recommend

    I highly recommend the services of Paul. Great facility, caring and most of all it actually does work. 5 weeks now and I still see the hypnosis working...Thank you Paul...

    Greg F

    The subconscious mind is very powerful

    My last session with Paul Smith was over one month ago. I learnt from my sessions that the subconscious mind is very powerful and now, thanks to Paul I have the tools to be empowered to live my best life. From my 1st session Paul's persona was welcoming and calming, his professionalism was admirable. I would like to express my gratitude for the experience and would strongly recommend Paul to everyone that need/want to live their best life.

    Mandy D

    Thank you so much

    The best review I can give is just to say “thank you so much Paul Smith, you have really made a difference after only one week”, no-one needs to know the details just that this really works.

    Andrea R

    Delivering real results

    A great experience with a highly capable practitioner. Paul makes you feel at ease and helps you to understand the process at every stage. The session is delivering real results for me.

    Caroline F

    Best decision I have ever made.

    I had a hypnotherapy session with Paul Smith yesterday and I honestly can not recommend it/him enough. Paul instantly made me feel comfortable. He explained the process extremely well and let me know it was okay 'not to get it' at first. I liked the fact that the first part of the session was spent talking through the process and my reasons for being there in a state of consciousness, as I was able to fully wrap my head around the process. The last part of the session (going into a trance) was also extremely powerful. Paul recorded the session so I am able to listen to it 2-3 times per week, whenever I feel like I need to. I would recommend this to anyone looking to fix an issue in their life. Best decision I have ever made.

    Adelaide H

    Powerful results

    Paul is brilliant gets to root causes quickly and makes changes even faster. Wonderful experience and powerful results. Highly recommend!

    Vanessa J


    One of the best experiences I've had in years. Transformational! Thank you, Paul.

    Margaret G

    Psychotherapy session

    I had a Psychotherapy session with Paul and Wow! He completely gets it. During the session, I had so many "Aha" moments and I left feeling unstuck and in such a better place in my life now. Thanks, Paul

    Willie R

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