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    Hypnosis for hot flashes? This sounds like something out of a James Bond or science fiction movie. But the fact is, many people across the country and around the world have successfully used hypnosis for hot flashes. And they aren’t just figment of your imagination.

    Hypnosis is still one of the hottest topics in the health and wellness industry, and many professionals are researching its effectiveness as a means of helping people deal with difficult life situations. However, the effectiveness of hypnosis for reducing physically measured (i.e. physiologically measured effect) hot flashes during menopause with a perimenopausal woman are not well established relative to a typical Structured-attention control. The only study comparing hypnosis for night sweats with post-menopause treatments showed no difference in sleep quality or duration.

    So, what’s the real deal about hypnosis for hot flashes? Are they a figment of your imagination or a valid treatment option? The answer is that they are real, and can be a useful treatment option if you’re lucky enough to find an excellent clinical hypnotherapist. However, the best approach is a program that can customize the sessions based on your specific needs.

    What are these real-life conditions that cause these flashes? Well, it appears that at least one of the most common causes of hot flash symptoms is your hormonal changes that occur during perimenopause. Specifically, your body is producing less estrogen. Testosterone is also being produced in greater amounts. As these two hormones become out of balance with each other, you’ll experience hot flashes during the day and night, multiple times per week.

    So now that we know what causes hot flashes, how can hypnosis for hot flashes help? The results from some studies were impressive. However, not everyone who completed those first studies showed the same results. Some women only reported feeling slightly more comfortable with their sleep and less likely to wake up in the middle of the night. Other women experienced serious and long-lasting relief. Many women had stopped taking their medications and started enjoying their lives again without the accompanying discomfort.

    Hypnosis for hot flashes works with your normal anxiety levels. You don’t have to suffer from extreme anxiety to benefit from this technique. Most people associate hypnosis and hypnotherapy with depression and anxiety disorders. In reality, this is a misconception. Research has proven that hypnosis can help treat symptoms of both depression and menopause.

    As hypnosis for hot flashes and perimenopausal women’s treatment, you will go into a comfortable trance and experience audio that plays in your subconscious while you are in this deep state. This technique allows your conscious mind to become focused on nothing else but the audio. This way, your conscious mind doesn’t wonder about the meaning of your dreams or thoughts, which is often something women who experience nighttime sweats often worry about.

    Benefits of Hypnosis for Hot Flashes

    • Enjoy reduced number of hot flash episodes
    • Extremely effective, proven by medical research
    • 100% natural, no drugs or side effects
    • Ease the discomfort and embarrassment of your symptoms

    In conclusion, hypnosis for hot flashes and perimenopausal women successfully treats all the symptoms mentioned above. It offers relief from depression and anxiety, reduces menopause symptoms such as night sweats, and offers more relaxation and comfort than other treatments available. Plus, it has no known negative side effects. As a result, women can take this treatment as a complementary therapy for menopause and hot flash prevention. For women approaching menopause or already in menopause, it can also be used as a stress reducer and relaxation tool.

    A good hypnosis session for hot flash program can reduce the number of hot flash episodes by as much as half. The program typically takes approximately six weeks to eight weeks to work. To achieve results, participants must commit themselves to regular sessions. Sessions are in the clinic initially. Then experienced online from the comfort of your own home. Sessions, you should aim to attend the clinic twice over a period of six weeks. To be able to assess your progress after six weeks of treatment, your therapist may ask you to continue monitoring your flashes for another six weeks and using the online part of the program for up to 6 months.

    Your therapist will help you create daily diaries during the hypnosis for hot flashes and perimenopausal treatment. These daily diaries will provide quantitative data on how your flashes affect your mood, sleep, energy levels, confidence, and relationships. Because these daily diaries will serve as the record of your progress, you will be able to monitor your progress. After a period of time, your therapist will evaluate your progress and decide whether you need ongoing treatment or if your symptoms can be treated effectively with hypnosis for hot flashes. If you are already starting a therapy that addresses your core problems, you may find that hypnosis for hot flashes will be an effective complementary therapy.

    If your flashes are particularly severe or are accompanied by any physical symptoms, you should see your Doctor. You should remember that hypnosis for flashes and menopause are two different conditions. While one may be causing the other, there are many possible causes of hot flash symptoms. Therefore, your Doctor will be better able to diagnose and treat your condition.

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