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    There are many benefits of using hypnosis for children with ADD and ADHD. Children with ADD can process information a lot quicker than usual. They also have a much better memory and focus than most kids. In some cases, they can be distractible, irritable, and disruptive to other students or teachers. Children with ADD and ADHD usually excel academically. Some of these kids can become very successful at school.

    Children are prone to using their imagination a lot, so they often say they’re in a “zone” when they’re learning something. Children are so skilled at using their creativity to solve their problems that sometimes they are even said to be in a trance state most of the time during hypnosis for children with ADD and ADHD. Their ability to focus and pay attention makes them perfect candidates for this type of therapy.

    One of the most common issues treated by hypnotherapy for children is the focus. Studies show that up to 75% of children suffer from some attention or focus issue. Using hypnosis for children with ADD and ADHD may help them with focus and anxiety.

    Another common issue treated with hypnosis for children with ADD and ADHD is fidgeting and hand flapping. Children who are frequently hyperactive and on the move tend to let their hands hang down and clap their hands. While this might seem harmless, it may lead to serious health problems such as diabetes, circulation problems, and epilepsy. Self-hypnosis for self-control and self-discipline can address this behavioural problem with self-hypnosis for children with ADD and ADHD.

    Many children have problems also have issues with stage fright. Children who fear going to school or a social event may exhibit excessive fidgeting and thumb sucking. Children with such problems often feel very uncomfortable in such situations. Using hypnosis for children with ADD and ADHD can help resolve these issues through self-hypnosis.
    One of the most common issues treated with hypnosis for children with ADD and ADHD is repetitive behaviours. Children are often repetitive in their movements and actions. Self-hypnosis for self-control can address this through hypnosis.

    Behavioural problems are just a few of the issues that can be addressed with hypnosis for children with ADD and ADHD. Many parents are unsure about using hypnosis for their children. It is very powerful but also challenging. You must be willing to do the work and put in the time to get the results you want. It will make a big difference in your child’s life, and it could help him, or her become successful in life.

    In summary, hypnosis for children with ADD and ADHD can address many common behavioural issues related to ADD and ADHD. It works very well if you invest time and effort. If you want to get your child the treatment they deserve, I would suggest trying hypnosis for children with ADD and ADHD.

    Remember that just because a hypnotist gives your child hypnosis does not mean they will be successful. You need to be open and honest with the hypnotherapist to get the most effective results. Do not be afraid to share your concerns and goals with the hypnotherapist during your sessions. Remember that successful hypnosis for children with ADD and ADHD requires patience and consistency.

    Another concern parents have is that it can be expensive. Let me assure you that it is not. With the technology available today, The Norwest Wellbeing program for children with ADD and ADHD is now available to you at much lower costs. Hypnosis is now available for much less than it was in the past. Therefore, it is possible to have your child get the help they need with hypnosis.

    The benefits of hypnosis for children with ADD and ADHD are great. Your child will have improved concentration, focus and remember better. They will be able to stay on task longer, have greater self-esteem, and be more resilient to frustration and anxiety. The positive effects of hypnosis for children with ADD and ADHD will continue to build and improve over time.

    Children who were diagnosed with ADD and ADHD are often very resistant to conventional treatments. However, hypnosis for children with ADD and ADHD can make significant improvements in their lives. Remember that positive changes do not happen overnight. If you have questions about using hypnosis for your child’s condition, talk to use by booking a free 15-minute call back.

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      Sonia S
      April 7, 2022

      Changing my life one step at a time

      I highly recommend Paul at Norwest Wellbeing. We did an initial consult over the phone so he could assess whether the program would be a good fit for my issue. After one full session I could already feel a shift in my subconscious and the way I was viewing things. Changing my life one step at a time. Definitely give Paul a call.

      Rayneel S
      March 3, 2022

      Changed my eating habits in 2 sessions

      I went to Paul to see if anything can be done from my eating habits. This man changed my eating habits in 2 sessions. Now I don't munch chocolate and ice cream as much. Give this a go with an open mind. Got nothing to lose besides your habit you want to kick.

      December 8, 2021

      Pregnancy Hypnosis

      I had my appointment with my Obstetrician on Tuesday. While I still had a bit of anxiety, I was able to use the tactics to calm myself down. It really helped. My blood pressure had an improvement and partner said I looked so much calmer. I’m listening to the recording before I go to bed. I’m really positive that I will only get better, and I will have resources to help me while I’m in hospital having my baby. Thank you so much.

      Rachel L
      July 9, 2021

      Changed our families life incredibly

      Paul has changed our families life incredibly. He has helped us deal with issues we had with our son and as parents how to deal with that. He has also helped me with my anxiety issues. Paul is professional, caring and extremely knowledgeable. I cannot thank Paul enough and I would highly recommend him to anyone.

      Karen T
      June 17, 2021

      Hypnosis for Anxiety

      After speaking to Paul on the phone I was ready to meet for some hypnosis sessions. I really wasn’t sure if this type of program would help me as I have tried many other things over the years that felt like a waste of time. Paul is very intuitive and speaks with confidence about how the mind works. What we discussed and his insights made a lot of sense and so far after a few sessions I can definitely tell there is progress. Thanks so much.

      Amanda Q
      June 9, 2021

      Feel Better

      If you want to feel better it’s as simple as this, book an appointment and see Paul after just one session he fixed a problem that has resurfaced a number of times through out my life. I’m so glad I found him.

      Ray S
      June 3, 2021

      Important investment in my future health

      My experience with Paul was exactly what I had hoped for. It was about getting my mind right to deal with my issues. Paul did that from the first session and then reinforced that in subsequent sessions. I have made great progress and although I still have a way to go, I am encouraged and motivated by the fact that I am already, within a few months, halfway to my objective. The hard part is done, taking the first steps, & I'm confident that the work Paul has done sets me up for continued success. I regard this as an important investment in my future health

      Sarah C
      June 3, 2021

      Would recommend his services to everyone

      Paul is sincere and logical. His approach is both warm and no nonsense. I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing Paul and would recommend his services to everyone

      Viki D
      April 28, 2021

      Transformed my life to positive

      I have gone through so much in my life. I had nowhere to turn to. Paul was the best thing for me and transformed my life to positive. He helped me through my problems. I recommend Paul and his team to everyone. It was the best thing I ever did. I'd like to take this opportunity and thank Paul. I can't thank you enough for everything you have done for me. You were the best thing in my life. Thank you

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